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A Different Story from India

Last day, four convicts of Nirbhaya case were hanged in Tihar jail, clearing the air of uncertainty around the matter. The news of hanging has brought the nation to celebration mood. For some Congress workers, it has been an opportunity to bring to light once again how the family of Nirbhaya
International Relations News

Leftists win Argentina

Centre-left candidate Alberto Fernandez has won the Argentinean presidential election, defeating his centre-right rival, Mauricio Macri, who is the incumbent president. The election result proves that the people of the country is unhappy with the economic crisis into which the country has fallen and they have found the promises made by the centre-left, especially on […]

Romanian PM toppled through non-confidence vote

Romanian Prime Minister Viorica Dancila has failed to survive the non-confidence motion initiated against her in the parliament. Her failure has happened after several dramatic events. The non-confidence motion has secured just five votes more than what is necessary to pass the motion. The Romanian parliament has as many as 465 members. The PM party […]