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EU begins coordinated vaccination program

At the time the world is facing a serious threat due to a highly contagious variant of Covid-19, the European Union has rolled out a mass vaccination program. The program has been projected by the union as a symbol of the unity among the member countries of the union.   While speaking to media personals, […]

UK begins vaccine program

The European country of the United Kingdom has begun its ambitious vaccination programme, in a bid to free the country from the threat of Covid-19. US Prime Minister Boris Johnson has expressed clearly how his government has evaluated the development. He has assured people of a future, free of the threat of Covid-19. He has […]

Russia begins vaccination program

The European country of Russia has begun its vaccination program in an attempt to bring the Covid-19 crisis under control. The program has commenced in the Russian capital of Moscow.   For the program, it uses Sputnik V, a vaccine it developed few months ago. The vaccine is said to be around 95 per cent […]

Italy bans inter-region travel

The European country of Italy has imposed a strict inter-region travel ban in order to make sure that the Covid-19 crisis does not intensify between 21st December and 6th January. The ban has been introduced in view of the possible spike in travel during the Christmas week. As part of the ban, a curfew has […]

Italy tightens restrictions

The European country of Italy has decided to re-introduce certain restrictions, where were removed shortly after the country had brought the Covid-19 crisis under control. The new policy has been formulated as the country has witnessed a surge in Covid-19 cases in the recent past. The policy has been justified on the ground that if […]

Rise in Covid-19 cases worries Europe

In the recent past, the continent of Europe has witnessed a rise in Covid-19 cases. The raise has left European countries in a difficult situation. Some countries have already re-imposed some of the restrictions which they removed. Recently, the Spanish government attempted to impose a partial lockdown in a heavily populated region in the country. […]