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World commemorates victims of Nazi invasion

The victims of the Nazi invasion and several world leaders have gathered in Auschwitz to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the liberation of the prisons from the deathly concentration camp set up by the Nazi and its collaborators in the Polish city. In a function organised to mark the 75th anniversary, French President Emanuel Macron […]

‘LGBT-free zone’ sticker banned in Poland

A Polish court has banned the sale of ‘LGBT – free zone’ sticker in Poland. The court ordered the conservative newspaper Gazeta Polska, to stop the distribution of “LGBT-free zone” stickers. The newspaper included these stickers in its recent weekly issue. Gazeta Polska is a weekly magazine which has a circulation of around 110,000 and […]
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Polish media busts illegal beef racket

A Polish media has busted a racket, which has allegedly smuggled sick cattle into Poland and sold them illegally in their abattoirs. The Polish investigators have launched an investigation into the illegal racket. The report has considerably reduced the demand of Polish beef across the European continent. How popular is Polish beef in Europe Poland […]