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Doja Cat, a pop diva, attracted attention in Paris when she walked in Schiaparelli’s Haute Couture presentation while decked out in 30,000 crystals and complete red body paint.

It took her team five hours to finish the daring look, called Doja’s Inferno. Daniel Roseberry, the creative director of Schiaparelli, and Dame Pat McGrath, a British makeup artist, designed it.

She called the finished product “a stunning, mesmerising masterwork of glittering brilliance” and credited Doja Cat with having “sublime patience.”

Hand application of the Swarovski crystals was used. The singer wore a red silk bustier, a lavishly beaded tulip skirt, and a matching pair of red knee-high boots in addition to the body paint.

In a behind-the-scenes time-lapse film, Dame Pat’s team can be seen painting the star’s skin and scattering hundreds of crystals.

When Roseberry assumed control of Schiaparelli in 2019, he made history by becoming the first American to head a French couture house. Elsa Schiaparelli launched the fashion house in 1927.

Among the celebrities that have lately sported the brand on the red carpet are Rihanna, Kendall Jenner, and Julia Roberts.

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Hollywood actor Jeremy Renner claims he was inadvertently driven over by a snow plough on New Year’s Day, breaking more than 30 bones in his body. The Avengers star uploaded a selfie of himself resting in a hospital bed while providing an update on his health and stating that his “morning workouts, resolutions all changed this specific new years.”

While removing snow from in front of his Nevada home, Renner was struck in the upper chest and sustained orthopaedic injuries. He was listed as critical for days. The actor, who turned 52 a week after the incident, is most recognised for his role as the Marvel franchise’s bow-and-arrow-wielding Clint Barton/Hawkeye.

He wrote about the occurrence as a “tragedy for my entire family” on Instagram, but later described it as “uniting actionable love.”

He added in response to everyone’s “messages and thoughtfulness,” “These 30 plus fractured bones will repair, get stronger, just like the love and bond with family and friends grows.”

Several famous people, including Renner’s Marvel co-stars Chris Hemsworth and Chris Evans, have written letters of encouragement for him.

“You’re the best, buddy! Hemsworth wrote: “We love you. Evans praised Renner’s fortitude and enquired, “Has anyone even checked on the snowcat?”

Due to the sensitivity surrounding his recovery, his facial injuries were removed from promotional photos for his TV programme, Mayor of Kingstown. After the New Year’s blizzard that killed hundreds of people and dumped copious amounts of snow across numerous states, the accident took place.

Renner used his own snow plough to free a family member whose car had become trapped in the snow close to his home while he was driving it. When Renner exited the car after successfully freeing it, the empty plough started to move, according to Washoe County Sheriff Darin Balaam at the time.

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Nearly a year after Jamal Edwards’ passing, Ed Sheeran released a song called F64 in his honour. It was made available on Edwards’ music service SBTV, where Sheeran first found success more than a decade ago.

The video for the song was shot at Chelsea FC’s Stamford Bridge stadium because Edwards had been a lifetime supporter of the team. Brenda Edwards, the mother of the DJ and businesswoman, has also been advocating for greater CPR training in order to bring attention to her son’s passing.

In February 2022, Jamal Edwards, age 31, passed away from a heart arrhythmia after using recreational drugs.

Brenda Edwards said she was proud to continue on her son’s legacy and that he always helped people when speaking on BBC Radio 5Live on Thursday.

“It’s spurred me on to continue to do the same that he used to do – he had such a big heart and he was so giving to so many.

“I was honoured to have the time with Jamal, he inspired me on a daily basis and his legacy continues to inspire me and so many people,” she said.

On his YouTube music station SBTV, Jamal Edwards is credited for helping to start the careers of Dave, Jessie J, and Sheeran.

He offered guidance and funding for the creation of music and videos for up-and-coming musicians.

Early in Sheeran’s career, Edwards supported his music, and in 2010, he uploaded a performance video to YouTube.

Stuart Camp, who is now his manager, noticed it and gave him a record deal with Atlantic.

Sheeran raps about spending more than a week with Brenda Edwards after Jamal died in his freestyle song, which has a language advisory.

With Jamal’s name written out on stadium seats visible in the background, the 31-year-old Grammy Award winner is illuminated in the stadium by a circle of candles.

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Romeo and Juliet’s Oscar-winning 1968 cast members are suing Paramount Pictures for alleged sexual abuse related to a sequence in which they participated in naked behaviour. When they made the movie, Leonard Whiting and Olivia Hussey were both young adults.

The English performers, who are now in their 70s, claim in a recent court case that director Franco Zeffirelli persuaded them to do naked scenes despite earlier promises that they wouldn’t have to. The claim has not received a public response from Paramount yet.

Based on the hardship they claim to have gone through and the money the movie has made since its premiere, the two actors are requesting damages totaling more than $500 million (£417 million).

They assert that Zeffirelli, who passed away in 2019, promised them at first that they would wear underwear with a flesh tone in the bedroom scene.

However, they claim the director informed them they would only wear body makeup the morning of the shoot and assured them the camera would be placed so as to not capture nudity.

Hussey’s exposed breasts and Whiting’s bare buttocks were briefly displayed during the scene in the finished movie.

According to their lawsuit, Zeffirelli instructed them to perform in the naked position “otherwise the picture would fail” and harm their careers. The performers “felt they had no choice but to perform in the body painted as required”

Whiting was then aged 16 and is now 72, while Hussey was 15 when the film was shot and is now 71.

The two are suing Paramount for fraud, sexual assault, and harassment. The Hollywood studio is charged in the lawsuit of sexually abusing the two young performers and disseminating pictures of young youngsters in their underwear.

According to the court document, Whiting and Hussey have endured years of emotional distress and mental suffering as a result of how they were handled. The movie was a tremendous hit when it came out and has since been viewed by countless students who are studying the Shakespeare play.

It was nominated for four Oscars—two of which were for best costume design and cinematography—including best director and best picture.

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An expert panel has selected a female-directed movie as the best ever made.  The British Film Institute’s Sight and Sound survey placed Jeanne Dielman, 23 quai du Commerce, 1080 Bruxelles, directed by Chantal Akerman, in first place.

It is the first time a female director’s film has made it into the top ten. The poll, which is conducted every ten years, has drawn flak for its lack of diversity.  For 40 years, Citizen Kane by Orson Welles occupied the top slot. Vertigo, a film by Alfred Hitchcock, surpassed it in 2012.

Jeanne Dielman, released in 1975, is the story of a Belgian widow who turns to prostitution to make ends meet, but kills one of her clients. The film runs for almost three and a half hours.

It has been praised as a “masterpiece” and a groundbreaking work of feminist film, despite not  being as well known outside of the field of film criticism as past winners. The 65-year-old Belgian director Chantal Akerman passed away in 2015.

The poll’s contributor, writer and film critic Lillian Crawford, called the movie the “essential text” of female cinema.

“Jeanne Dielman isn’t a film that I would say to someone getting into cinema ‘Oh, this is the first film you absolutely must see’,” she told the BBC.

“I think if you’re going to work through the list, maybe do it in reverse order and sort of build towards it, because it’s quite an ask to invite people to see this.

“But in an academic sense and thinking about cinema and encouraging more people to seek out experimental film, films by women, and in terms of the history of feminist cinema, this is absolutely the sort of essential text.”

In an article for the British Film Institute, Laura Mulvey, a professor of film studies at Birkbeck University, called the vote a “sudden shake-up”.

In 2012, Touki Bouki by Djibril Diop Mambéty and Jeanne Dielman, both directed by black filmmakers, were the only two black films to be included on the list.

The quantity and variety of those consulted have grown over time. The best 10 movies of the year were chosen by 1,639 critics, programmers, curators, archivists, and academics.

Vertigo, the previous winner, came in at number two, followed by Citizen Kane at number three.

Fourth place went to Yasujiro Ozu’s Tokyo Story, and fifth place went to Wong Kar Wai’s In the Mood for Love.

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According to an art historian, a Piet Mondrian abstract painting has been hanging upside down in different galleries for 75 years.  Despite the recent discovery, the painting, titled New York City I, will still be exhibited backwards to protect it from damage.

The 1941 image was first displayed in 1945 at the MoMA in New York. Since 1980, it has hung in Düsseldorf at the North Rhine-Westphalia state art collection.  The long-standing mistake was discovered by curator Susanne Meyer-Büser early this year when researching the museum’s new exhibition on the artist, but she cautioned that if it were placed the correct way at this time, it might fall apart.

New York City I is an adhesive-tape version of the similarly named New York City painting by the same artist.

The similarly called New York City, which is on exhibit at the Centre Pompidou in Paris, shows a thickening of lines towards the top rather than the bottom, which appears to support this notion.

Furthermore, the identical painting is visible hanging on an easel the wrong way up in a picture of the prominent Dutchman’s workshop that was shot a few days after his passing. In June 1944, the picture appeared in the American lifestyle publication Town and Country.

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The revolutionary French New Wave filmmaker Jean-Luc Godard has passed away at the age of 91. With 1960’s bout de souffle (Breathless), Godard made his debut and launched a string of critically acclaimed films that changed the norms of cinema and influenced filmmakers from Martin Scorsese to Quentin Tarantino.

According to a family member, he committed assisted suicide in Switzerland. Godard, according to French President Emmanuel Macron, “has the vision of a genius.” Mr. Macron described him as “like an apparition in French cinema” in a tribute on Twitter. He eventually mastered it.

“The most iconoclastic of the New Wave filmmakers, Jean-Luc Godard, created a resolutely contemporary, passionately free work. A guy with the vision of a genius has been lost to us; he was a national treasure.”

According to the AFP news agency, Godard’s legal counsel Patrick Jeanneret stated that the Franco-Swiss filmmaker “had recourse to legal assistance in Switzerland for a voluntary departure as he was plagued with’multiple invalidating illnesses,’ according to the medical report.”

In rare cases, assisted suicide is permitted in Switzerland.

Before taking the helm of the elegant and edgy Breathless, Godard worked as a cinema reviewer. The film’s actors, Jean Seberg and Jean-Paul Belmondo, were glamorous in a fresh, laid-back way, and the editing and dialogue were both semi-improvised.

“It was a film that took everything that cinema had done — girls, gangsters, cars — exploded all this and put an end, once and for all, to the old manner,” the filmmaker once said.

Jack Lang, a former minister of culture in France, stated to the news agency Reuters: “He crammed philosophy and poetry into the movies. We were able to notice the undetectable because to his keen eye.”

Actor Antonio Banderas was among many who paid tribute, writing: “Thank you monsieur Godard for extending the horizons of the film.”

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In order to “make my health a priority,” according to Justin Bieber, he is taking another vacation from touring. The musician stated in June that he has facial paralysis as a result of Ramsay Hunt syndrome.

The 28-year-old, who has been performing on his Justice world tour, now claims that recent performances have “really taken a toll” on him and that he needs more time to “relax and get better.” It happens one month after the artist declared his intention to perform again.

Following a recent performance in Brazil, he claims to have contributed “all I have” in a post on his Instagram. When a shingles outbreak affects the facial nerve close to a person’s ears, it causes Ramsay Hunt syndrome, which causes paralysis of some facial muscles.

He says, “After leaving the stage, tiredness overcame me and I realised I need to put my health first right now.

“So I’m going to take a break from touring right now. I’ll be well, but I need to take some time to recover.” Although Ramsay Hunt Syndrome is a consequence of the communicable disease shingles, it cannot be transmitted from one person to another.

The virus that causes chickenpox, which many individuals can contract as children, is connected to shingles.

The body can become vulnerable to a reactivation of the chickenpox virus if the immune system becomes depressed and is less able to fight off infection, according to the nonprofit Facial Palsy UK.

It says stress is often a trigger as it can weaken the immune system, and people who are stressed are more likely to suffer from infections.Justin had earlier told fans he had been doing facial exercises to regain movement, but that it would still take time to recover.

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Tom Parker, of The Wanted, Kate Garraway, and Katie Price are three celebrities whose personal films have received nominations for National Television Awards. Five months before to his passing, Parker’s Inside My Head, a documentary about his brain tumour, debuted last October.

Garraway is nominated for her most recent film about her spouse Derek after winning the written documentary award the previous year. Additionally nominated are Julia Bradbury, Price, Paddy and Christine McGuinness.

Bradbury’s video detailed her battle with breast cancer, while the McGuinnesses opened up about their experience raising three autistic children. Price’s documentary centred on her crippled son Harvey. The winners will be decided by public voting and announced at a ceremony in London on September 15 together with the other NTA awards.

The LGBT teen drama Heartstopper’s Joe Locke and Kit Connor have both been nominated for emerging star, and the programme is up for best new drama elsewhere in the nominations.

Another Netflix success, Bridgerton, is nominated for three awards, including best returning drama and two for acting: Jonathan Bailey and Charithra Chandran.

Cillian Murphy of Peaky Blinders, Nicola Walker of The Split, and Vicky McClure of Trigger Point are also nominated for drama prizes, and Rose Ayling-Ellis of EastEnders is one of the contenders for best soap opera as she gears prepared to depart the programme.

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Darius Campbell Danesh, a singer and actor who gained popularity on the ITV talent series Popstars and Pop Idol two decades ago, has passed away at age 41.

In 2002, the Scot finished third on Pop Idol behind Gareth Gates and Will Young. Later that year, he debuted at number one in the UK with Colorblind, while his album Dive In peaked at number ten.

He went on to become a West End sensation after his chart-topping performance, making appearances in shows like Chicago and the Olivier Award-winning Guys and Dolls.

He was found dead in his US apartment room, his family announced on Tuesday.

“It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of Darius Campbell Danesh,” they said in a statement. “Darius was found unresponsive in bed in his apartment room in Rochester, Minnesota, on August 11 and was pronounced dead in the afternoon by the local medical examiners’ office.

There were no indications of malice or strange circumstances, according to the local police department. His unexpected death has no known cause at this time, however investigations into his health are ongoing.

“Please accept our request for privacy at this time as we process the devastating death of our son and brother,” the request reads.

Campbell, who studied English literature and philosophy at the University of Edinburgh, was born in Glasgow in 1980 to a Scottish mother and an Iranian father.

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