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Rise in Covid-19 cases worries Europe

In the recent past, the continent of Europe has witnessed a rise in Covid-19 cases. The raise has left European countries in a difficult situation. Some countries have already re-imposed some of the restrictions which they removed. Recently, the Spanish government attempted to impose a partial lockdown in a heavily populated region in the country. […]

Battle breaks out between Armenia and Azerbaijan

A battle has broken out between Armenia and Azerbaijan over the disputed region of Nagorno-Karabakh. Armenia and Azerbaijan are the two former Soviet Socialist Republic countries. The dispute between these two countries emerged post the disintegration of Soviet Union. During the 1990s, the region witnessed a severe conflict. Tens of thousands of people lost life […]

Belarus witnesses serious protest

The European country of Belarus has witnessed serious protest against the decision of the present president of the country to contest for the post once again for the sixth term. As per a report released by a human rights group, as many as tens of thousands of people have participated in the protest organised at […]

Turkey tightens its grip over social media

The Turkish parliament has cleared a controversial law, which has provisions to control the operation of social media platforms. As per the law, all social media firms with more than a million Turkish users is to set up local offices and comply with requests to remove content. The law has provisions to punish with fines […]