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The Future of US-Europe Relation

During the Trump regime, the bilateral relationship between the Europe and the United States of America touched its lowest point. Donald Trump led the US out of the Paris Climate Treaty. He even pushed the country away from the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation. The political transformation in

Protest breaks out in Brussels over custodial death

The custodial death of a young man in Brussels has triggered a serious protest across the country, leaving several police officers and protesters injured. The convey of a member of the Belgium royal family has also been attacked during the protest. Several people have been booked in connection with the protest. The protesters have partially […]

Australia opens its doors before Assange

The Australian government, for the first time, has declared openly but indirectly that his government would not resist the return of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, who is wanted in the US for espionage. The allegation against the journalist is that under his leadership WikiLeaks leaked several sensitive details regarding the US military. Recently, a United […]

EU begins coordinated vaccination program

At the time the world is facing a serious threat due to a highly contagious variant of Covid-19, the European Union has rolled out a mass vaccination program. The program has been projected by the union as a symbol of the unity among the member countries of the union.   While speaking to media personals, […]