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US Vice President Joe Biden told Congress that his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin, miscalculated how the West would respond when he invaded Ukraine. Mr. Biden promised in a primetime speech that “freedom will always triumph over tyranny.” His State of the Union address comes at a time when pandemic-weary Americans are grappling with skyrocketing inflation.
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Today, it is a big day for the UK. The entire UK is at present in the polling stations across the country to decide who should rule their country in future. Along with the future of the present government, the British people today will also decide indirectly whether the UK should be allowed to pull […]
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A Hong Kong pro-democratic activist, who has found himself emotionally disturbed due to the ongoing confrontation between the pro-democracy camp and the Hong Kong administration controlled by the mainland, has alleged, in a footage appeared in a leading International Media website, that the United Kingdom sold out his city to the Communist Country of China during the
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A Spanish court has awarded serious punishment to the political leaders, who led a violent separatist movement in the Spanish region of Catalonia around two years ago. The punishment has been awarded to nearly nine leaders. Some of them has got thirteen years imprisonment, and the rest has received not less than nine.   The leaders, including former Catalan Vice-President