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As reports of rape rise, charities are working to get emergency contraception into Ukrainian hospitals. Nearly 3,000 packets of morning-after pills have been delivered to areas of the country hardest hit by the Russian invasion. The pills were provided by the International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF), and volunteers are delivering them. Caroline Hickson, a
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Vladimir Zhirinovsky, a Russian ultranationalist politician, died at the age of 75, after a career marked by fiery remarks and absurd antics. He ran for president six times and was a member of the official opposition that President Vladimir Putin tolerated. He appeared to predict Russia’s attack on Ukraine in December. He claimed to have received eight […]
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In the Ukrainian capital of Kyiv, a Russian journalist was killed during shelling by Russian forces. Oksana Baulina had been reporting for investigative website The Insider from Kyiv and the western city of Lviv, the outlet said in a statement. It added that she died while filming damage in the city’s Podil district. Baulina had previously worked […]
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Three Russian cosmonauts allegedly boarded the International Space Station wearing Ukrainian flags as a possible statement against the war, according to Russia’s space agency. The first arrivals were dressed in bright yellow suits with blue trimmings, as has been the case since Russia’s war began. They were greeted with hugs and greetings from their fellow […]