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Italy tightens restrictions

The European country of Italy has decided to re-introduce certain restrictions, where were removed shortly after the country had brought the Covid-19 crisis under control. The new policy has been formulated as the country has witnessed a surge in Covid-19 cases in the recent past. The policy

Italian police bust drug trafficking network

Italian police have busted a huge drug trafficking network run for a terrorist group, Islamic State. Around 14 tonnes of amphetamines have been seized by the police. As per a latest report, about 84 million counterfeit Captagon pills worth an estimated €1bn were found in containers at the port of Salerno. According to the report, […]

Recovery fund policy hits hard wall

The huge recovery fund plan, announced by the European Union to save those countries who have suffered a huge set back because of the measures imposed to curb the spread of Covid-19, has hit a hard wall, as several European countries have opposed the move. Meanwhile, Germany has expressed its hope in the positive future […]

ECB brings in new measures to boost Eurozone Economy

The European Central Bank has introduced certain dramatic measures to boost the economies of the countries in Eurozone. The recession the world now faces is the biggest since the World War Two period. This is not the first time the European Central Bank has introduced a program to boost the economies of the countries in […]

Kidnapped Italian woman finally free

An aid worker from the European country of Italy, Silvia Romano who was kidnapped in the African country of Kenya in late 2018, has returned back to her home country, as she has secured freedom from those who curbed her freedom illegally for her. The liberated woman has received a huge reception at the airport. […]
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EU agrees emergency aid plan

The heads of the European Union has agreed a plan for injecting billions of euros of emergency aid into Europe’s Covid-19 affected economies such as Italy and spain. The agreement has been reached in a meeting done with the support of the possibility of video conference. As part of the agreement, a huge sum of […]