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EU Demands Universal Charger for Phones

According to a new rule proposed by the European Commission, manufacturers will be required to develop a universal charging solution for phones and small

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Bayern Munich Won the German Super Cup Again, Defeating Borussia Dortmund

Bayern Munich striker Robert Lewandowski scored twice in a 3-1 win over Borussia Dortmund to help his team retain the German Super Cup. Bayern took the

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Covid 19 Updates: France to reopen bars as the lockdown ceases

As France starts lifting restrictions aimed at preventing the spread of Coronavirus bars, shops and cultural spaces across France are set to reopen. As

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Food inflation hits record high in UK

Food inflation in the UK hit record highs as the crisis created by Covid and Brexit was reflected in the market. The country’s economy averaged 3.2

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One dose of vaccine is enough for those who cured by Covid: German Health Minister

German Health Minister Jens Spann said that even those who had the presence of antibodies in their body could get a dose of the vaccine. The

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India, UK to Resolve CoWIN Certification Row

The UK government has clarified its position on Covishield, stating that the major concern is vaccination certification, not the vaccine itself. Alex

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Italian village where cats disappear; Police to investigate the mystery

A special police team has been deployed to investigate the disappearance of cats from an Italian village. Hundreds of cats have gone missing this summer

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Drone to measure temperature: People say privacy should not be invaded

Protest against the controversial move to use drone technology to measure the temperature of seafarers. As the Covid expansion continued, the controversial

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Pink Parking Area for Pregnant Women: Italy

For the first time in the history of the country, Italy has set aside a special vehicle parking space for pregnant women. As part of the newly implemented

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Abba’s New 10-Song Album and Virtual Show Announced

Abba startled and delighted fans by announcing the release of their first new album in 40 years. Abba Voyage is planned to be launched in November, ahead