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Russia attacks press freedom in the cover of Covid-19 restrictions

The European country of Russia has severely stifled the voice of journalists misusing the restrictions imposed to curb the spread of the Covid-19 outbreak.

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Demand for abuse imagery raises

As per a study conducted by an International media house based in the European country of United Kingdom, the demand for abuse imagery has shot up during


UK MPs demands PM’s chief adviser’s resignation

Some Conservative MPs – especially backbenchers – have demanded the resignation of PM’s chief adviser Dominic Cummings. The MP has alleged that


Vietnamese Migrant Death: Around 26 booked in Belgium and France

As many as twenty-six people have been booked in Belgium and France in an investigative operation triggered by the unnatural deaths of 39 Vietnamese


Germany to rescue Lufthansa

The European country of Germany has decided to offer a helping hand of renowned German-based airline Lufthansa. The company has agreed to sign the rescue


Trial against Syrian torture regime begins in Germany

The trial of the first case filed against the Syrian regime against its use of torture and violence has begun in the European country of Germany. Two men


Russia not to drop controversial sisters case

The European country of Russia has declined to drop the murder case registered against three sisters who killed their abusive father. Recently, many have

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UK to exempt travellers coming from France from mandatory quarantine

The European country of United Kingdom has decided to exempt travellers coming from another European country of France from the UK coronavirus quarantine

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Romania uses fine to prevent lockdown breach

The European country of Romania has used the possibility of fine to present the possible break of the measures imposed to prevent the spread of

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France: Macron’s party lost majority in parliament

La République, the political party of French President Emmanuel Macron, has lost its majority in the parliament, as some of its parliamentarians have