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Austrian Prince Blamed for Shooting One of Europe’s Biggest Bears

Environmental campaigners believe that Prince Emanuel von und zu Liechtenstein had shot dead probably the biggest bear alive in the EU on a hunting

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Eurovision’s Noisy Fans are Back Despite Dutch Pandemic

Europe’s most popular cultural event Eurovision had been canceled last year due to the pandemic. Reports state that it is to go ahead this year in

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Indian Covid-19 Variant Detected in at least Seven European Countries

The Covid-19 variant which is believed to have a devastating surge of infections and deaths in India is been found in 17 countries worldwide including

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Julian Nagelsmann: Bayern Munich Appoints Leipzig Coach Replacing Flick

Bayern Munich has hired RB Leipzig coach Julian Nagelsmann as the Coach replacing the departing Hansi Flick starting next season. The 33-year-old

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Disneyland Paris to Open Mass Covid-19 Vaccine Site

Europe’s biggest tourist attraction, Disneyland Paris, will be hosting a mass Covid-19 vaccination site at its convention center as France is trying to

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Germany Mourns 80,000 Covid-19 Victim in National Service

Germany has held a national memorial day on Sunday as part of remembering the 80,000 victims who lost their lives to the Covid-19 pandemic in the country. 

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Vladimir Putin Receives the First Dose of Covid-19 Vaccine in Private

Russian President Vladimir Putin received Covid-19 vaccination on Tuesday, according to his spokesman Dmitry Peskov without saying further which

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Covid Vaccine: Italy to make Russian Sputnik V Vaccine

The Italian-Russian Chamber of Commerce has reported that Russia’s Sputnik V vaccine will be produced in Italy this July. Thereby, Italy will become the

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Amitabh Bachchan’s failure paved way for Dr Ajit Ravi’s success

The story of Dr Ajit Ravi is been trending on various social media platforms and is inspiring alot of netizens. Following ones dream and conquering it is

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Swiss Students Falsified Covid-19 Results to Skip School

A few students in the Swiss city of Basel have falsified positive Covid-19 results wherein they planned to skip school, resulting in the entire class being