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Swiss Students Falsified Covid-19 Results to Skip School

A few students in the Swiss city of Basel have falsified positive Covid-19 results wherein they planned to skip school, resulting in the entire class being

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Vladimir Putin Receives the First Dose of Covid-19 Vaccine in Private

Russian President Vladimir Putin received Covid-19 vaccination on Tuesday, according to his spokesman Dmitry Peskov without saying further which

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Bond Villain and Alien Star Actor Yaphet Kotto Dies At 81

Yaphet Kotto was well-known for his portrayal of Dr. Kananga, also known as Mr. Big in the 1973 James Bond film who died aged 81. He was Bond’s franchise’s

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Covid Vaccine: Italy to make Russian Sputnik V Vaccine

The Italian-Russian Chamber of Commerce has reported that Russia’s Sputnik V vaccine will be produced in Italy this July. Thereby, Italy will become the

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Four Militants from Bangladesh sentenced to death for killing US blogger Avijit Roy

A court in Bangladesh condemned to death five individuals from an Islamist militant group on Tuesday for killing a U.S. blogger critical of religious

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62 dies in Ecuador Prison Riot

Sixty-two detainees have died in a mob at jails in three urban communities in Ecuador because of battles between rival groups and a getaway endeavor,

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Winston Churchill’s Painting Sold by Angelina Jolie for $11.5 Million

A Moroccan landscape painting done by the former British Prime Minister Winston Churchill and owned by Angelina Jolie got sold at an auction in London for

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Italian PM wins key senate vote

Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte, who leads a collation government, has won a crucial senate vote. When As many as 156 lawmakers have voted in favour

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Navalny to remain in Russian prison for ten days

Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny is likely to remain in the Russian custody for at least thirty days. The Russian government has not yet responded


Russia arrests opposition leader Alexei Navalny

The Russian government, led by Vladimir Putin, has arrested opposition leader Alexei Navalny, who has returned to his home country from Germany – where he