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Russian Covid-19 vaccine less expensive than competitors

The vaccine developed by Russia to fight the Covid-19 pandemic, Sputnik V, will be less expansive than the other vaccines which are expected to hit the

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Armenian economy minister submits resignation

Armenian economy minister Tigran Khachatryan has submitted his resignation, amidst growing protest against the government’s decision to reach a peace

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French court dismisses request seeking postponement of trial against former French supremo

A court in France has dismissed a request seeking the postponement of a trial against former French President Nicolas Sarkozy. He is accused of offering a


Germany suspends police officials over far-rightist contest

The European country of Germany, struggling to overcome the threat of far-rightist politics, has suspended as many as eight police officials. It is not the


Snowstorm batters Russia

The far-eastern region of the European country of Russia has been battered by the natural disaster of snowstorm. The disaster has badly affected power

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Melania Trump’s statue reinstalled in Slovenia

Shorty after a wooden sculpture depicted US First Lady Melania Trump was damaged in Slovenia, her bronze statue has been reinstalled in the same location.

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Croatians sceptical about Covid-19 vaccine

The majority of the people of Croatia has expressed their distrust in the effectiveness of the process of vaccination against Covid-19.   In a survey


Russian Parliament clears bill offering immunity to Russian Presidents and their families

In a move which is regarded as highly crucial, the Russian Parliament has cleared a bill, which offers immunity to Russian Presidents and their families.


Pope Instagram activity comes under dark cloud

The social media activities of Pope have come under dark cloud, as it has been found that a photo of a scantily clad Brazilian model was liked from the


Germany: Regional minister faces criticism for his alleged connection with far-rightists

A German regional minister has faced serious criticism for his alleged connection with a suspected member of a far-rightist organisation. The allegation