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France struggling to over threat posed by Islamofascism

The European country of France is struggling to overcome the threat posed by the dangerious political ideology of Islamofascism. As many as three people

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Melania Trump’s statue reinstalled in Slovenia

Shorty after a wooden sculpture depicted US First Lady Melania Trump was damaged in Slovenia, her bronze statue has been reinstalled in the same location.

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French attacker is Tunisian man, says officials

The man, who brutally killed three people in France, is a Tunisian man, says French officials. France has named the attack as a suspected case of terror.


New Zealand to legalise euthanasia

New Zealand is set to legalise euthanasia. The country has decided to bring in a law to legalise the medical procedure of euthanasia.   The people of


Europe: Daily Covid-19 death cases increases by around 40 per cent

The continent of Europe has witnessed a sharp increase of forty per cent in the Covid-19 daily death case load compared to the daily case load the

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Russia promises to take neutral stand on Nagorno-Karabakh crisis

The European country of Russia has promised to take a neutral stand on the ongoing crisis in connection with the Nagorno-Karabakh region. Recently, Russian


Poland uses force against people protesting against court ruling that bans abortion

The Polish government has exerted force against people protesting against a court ruling that bans abortions in the country. The protest has been witnessed


Turkish Prez urges Turks to boycott French goods

Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the President of the Eurasian country of Turkey, has urged his citizens to boycott goods made in France, which recently toughened its


Belarus opposition threatens government with national wide strike

The Belarus opposition has threated the government with a national wide strike. They have demanded the resignation of Belarus President Alexander

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Over 70 artefacts damaged in Berlin

As many as seventy artefacts have been damaged in the Germany city of Berlin in one of the biggest attacks the city has ever witnessed since the end of the