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According to police, a suspect has been apprehended for murder after at least three persons were discovered dead in Nottingham.

Officers said in a statement on Tuesday that a 31-year-old man was detained in the city on suspicion of murder after a van attempted to run over three others.

Initially, two persons were discovered dead in the city core. Police were summoned to another incident near where a van attempted to run over three persons shortly after 4 a.m. local time (03:00 GMT). They are receiving medical attention in a hospital.

Another man was discovered dead in a different road close outside the city core.

“This is a horrific and tragic incident that has taken three lives,” Chief Constable Kate Meynell said in a statement.

“We believe these three incidents are connected, and we have a suspect in custody.” “This investigation is still in its early stages, and a team of detectives is working to determine exactly what happened,” she continued.

“At this time, a number of roads in the city will remain closed as this investigation progresses,” she added.

According to Al Jazeera’s Nadim Baba, reporting from London, the local tram network has ceased all operations, however other modes of transportation remain operational.

“The police have not given us any more details about any motives of the suspect,” he added.

“Awful news for our city to wake up to today,” Nottingham politician Alex Norris tweeted. “Our community’s thoughts and prayers are with all those who have been affected.”

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At least 15 people have been killed and 24 injured when a shooter opened fire at a school in central Russia, according to Russian authorities. 11 students from the school with roughly 1,000 students in Izhevsk are among the victims. The shooter was a former student of the institution and committed suicide there.

Online videos appear to show chaos inside the structure where the incident occurred, with kids and people running through hallways. In other video, kids can be seen hiding beneath desks and there is blood on the floor of the classroom and a bullet hole in the window. According to Russia’s investigating committee, two security officers and two teachers were among the four adults and eleven youngsters who died. All but two of the 24 injured individuals were children.

The school building in central Izhevsk, a metropolis of around 650,000 people, has been cleared of staff and students. According to reports, the attacker, Artem Kazantsev, was carrying two firearms.

In a video that was uploaded online by state investigators, the gunman’s lifeless body is shown lying on the ground while donning a balaclava and a T-shirt bearing a Nazi insignia. Investigators are looking into his home.

The region’s chief has declared a time of mourning that will extend until September 29. According to his spokesperson, Russian President Vladimir Putin is “truly mourning” the victims and has condemned the massacre as a “inhuman terrorist crime.”

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Dr. Harold Shipman is one of the most brutal criminals the European country of the United Kingdom has ever witnessed. He was a physician. It is believed that he managed to end as many as 218 innocent lives. His killing spree began in the year 1972. He had a modus operandi. He targeted elderly women. His criminal life had continued unchallenged until an undertaker expressed suspicion about the unformal rise of deaths among patents mostly elders under his supervision. It was in the year 1998.

The story of Dr. Shipman shocked the entre world. His crimes earned him the notorious name, Dr. Death.

In the year 2000, he was handed a serious punishment of life imprisonment. But, his fate was different.

Shorty after he was found guilty of the brutal murders, he ended his life in a prison.

Notably, not even once, he admitted his crimes. He strongly denied all charges levelled against him.

Though several years has passed since his suicide, the mystery still remains unresolved.

He used a lethal drug, diamorphine, in most of his killings. It was the presence of that substance in the dead bodies of his victims that connected the deaths to him.

Why he killed these many people is a question that is still to be answered.    

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The killer of British youngster Grace Millane, who was found dead in a hotel in New Zealand, is likely to appeal against a court verdict, which has awarded a tough sentence of life imprisonment to the killer.

The killer’s intention to appeal against the verdict has been publicised by his lawyer, when he has been asked about the verdict by few media personals.

Earlier, the killer defended the crime, saying that it was a rough love making experiment went wrong,

That argument has been dismissed by the court which has awarded the tough sentence of life imprisonment to the killer.

Ms. Grace was strangled to death. Her dead body was found buried in a suitcase in a deserted area near the hotel where the crime happened.

The victim met the killer in a dating site. They had dined together before they moved to the hotel room where the crime happened.

The killer is only eligible to get parole after the complication of seventeen years of his life imprisonment punishment.

The verdict allows the culprit to appeal against the verdict.

Mr. Grace’s case was a very sensitive case. It triggered a serious uproar across the western world exposing the flaws in the measures taken in the west world to ensure the safety of women.

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Around twenty French terror attack suspects, who were booked in connection with the disastrous Paris attack which killed numerous innocent people in various locations in the French capital city, have been ordered to stand trial.

Several serious charges, including the charge of helping to organise the attacks and the charge of assisting the attackers to escape, have been registered against the suspects.

If they are found guilty, they may face serious punishments.

Importantly, Salah Abdeslam, the only participant of the attacks who was caught alive, is among those twenty suspects who have been ordered to stand trial.

It was in the year 2015 the French capital of Paris suffered the disastrous attacks. The attackers targeted several social gatherings. The selection of target played a huge role in the amount of causalities, as all those spots, where the attacks happened, were crowded regions.

The trial is likely to gain serious global attention, considering the fact that it was a very serious case back in 2015 – which attained enormous public attention.

The responsibility of the Paris attacks was claimed by the Islamic State – the militant group which once was a very powerful force in Iraq and Syria.

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Two French fraudsters, who have impersonated a not-well-known minister who handles some important portfolios in the ministry, have been awarded certain tough punishments by a French court based in Paris.

The jailed fraudsters are two Franco-Israelis, named Gilbert Chikli and Anthony Lasarevitsch. The former has been awarded a sentence of 11 years imprisonment and the latter has been granted a sentence of seven years imprisonment. The court has also fined both heavily. Mr. Chikli has been charged a fine of 2 million Euro while Mr. Lasarevitsch has been given a fine of 1 million Euro.

Both denied the case during the trial. They claimed that the case was a part of a huge scam.

Nonetheless, the prosecution proved the claim made by the accused persons wrong easily, as the culprits failed to present any evidence to justify their argument.

It was proved that the culprits used a silicon mask to impersonate the minister. It was also proved that they coned several wealthy men with their action.

It is assumed that it is the lack of popularity of the ministry which helped the culprits to execute their con act without much difficulty.

It is the first such crime that has been reported in the country in the recent history.

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As many as nine people have been killed in a shooting incident in the German city of Hanau, which is situated in the western region of the country.

Not only has the incident taken the life of over nine persons, but also it has injured several others.

Sadly, the police have failed to arrest the attacker alive. At this moment, it remains unclear why the attacker has gone this extend.

Notably, in the suspect’s home where he has been found dead by the police, they have recovered another dead body.

The identities of the suspect and the person, who has been found dead by the police in the house of the suspect, have not yet been publicised by the police.

The unexplainable increase in the number of incidences of gun shooting worries the west, especially the US and Germany.

What it exposes is the flaws in the gun laws in the west.

As per a preliminary report, the German attacker has used his licensed gun to carry out this heinous act.

An investigation is on.

It is high time for the west to rethink whether they should revamp their gun laws or not.

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Britta Nielsen, the Danish social worker, has been found guilty by a Copenhagen court in a corruption case.

The corruption case distorts the image of Denmark, which is known for its corruption free status.

Ms. Britta has been working as a social worker for last forty years. She is well known in the country as a social worker.

The news report that Ms. Britta has been convicted by a Denmark court in connection with an embezzlement case has come as a surprise.

Many have expressed their shock in the unbelievable revelation. Some have even showed unwillingness to believe the revelation.

Notably, she is the recipient of Silver Medal of Merit, one of the most prestigious awards offered by Denmark.

The prosecution was very strong in the case. It successfully shattered all arguments put forth by the prosecution to save their client.

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A Russian former prison officer, Viktor Sviridov, who has been found guilty on the change of extortion, has shot himself in the court.

The court has ordered a thorough investigation into the suicide. It has been directed to investigate how the ex-prison officer has managed to carry a gun to the court.

The court has awarded a three-year imprisonment to the ex-officer in connection with the extortion case.

Mr. Sviridov was suffering from cancer.

His lawyer has strongly criticised the verdict made by the court. He said the health condition of his client was not taken into consideration while considering the case.

The deceased ex-prison officer was a senior prison officer.

At this moment, it remains unclear why he has gone this extent. As per a preliminary assumption, the unexpected verdict has pushed the ex-prison officer into the pit of emotional upheaval.

Anyway, what the incident has spoiled is the image of those responsible for the security of the court.

In the coming days, those responsible for the security of the court may be asked to give an clear explanation on how the ex-prison officer has managed to carry a weapon inside the court room.

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A man, who convinced several women and girls to undergo a fake experiment impersonating as a doctor, has been awarded a tough sentence of eleven year imprisonment.

At least thirteen ‘attempt to murder’ cases have been charged against the fake doctor. It has been found that the fake experiment has been conducted for his sexual gratification. It has been identified that he has recorded the entire experiment.

The culprit, David G, is an IT worker from the Bavarian city of Wurzburg. The youngest of the fake experiment victim is just thirteen year old.

It has been found that the convicted person has offered money to those who have agreed to participate in the experiment.

The fake experiment case is the most shocking case that has been reported from the European country of Germany in the recent history.

More details in this case is yet to be released.

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