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Western companies in Shanghai are facing a “logistical nightmare,” according to a European business group, as they begin to reopen following a city-wide lockdown. According to the European Union Chamber of Commerce, the problems are expected to last for several more weeks. Chinese officials announced on Friday that they will assist more than 600 businesses
The Asian country of China has launched a severe crackdown in the embattled territory of Hong Kong. As many as 53 people have been booked in connection with the crackdown launched in the region by the Chinese government. Those booked in connection with the crackdown includes journalists, activists, opposition leaders, lawmakers, workers and students. The […]
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In a sensitive development concerning the global politics, a human rights organisation has exposed a secretive agreement reached between Switzerland and China in connection with immigration. The agreement offers Chinese security forces a free run in Switzerland, as per the report developed by the organisation. The agreement, which were reached for five years, is supposed