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China denounces EU’s resolution on Hong Kong crackdown

The Asian superpower of China has strongly denounced the European Union resolution against the crackdown launched against Hong Kong democratic activists by the Communist Country. The Communist China has termed the resolution as an interference. The resolution has been passed by the European Union Parliament. It has demanded sanctions against certain Chinese and Hong Kong

China launches crackdown Hong Kong

The Asian country of China has launched a severe crackdown in the embattled territory of Hong Kong. As many as 53 people have been booked in connection with the crackdown launched in the region by the Chinese government. Those booked in connection with the crackdown includes journalists, activists, opposition leaders, lawmakers, workers and students. The […]

EU demands immediate release of journalist Zhang Zhan

The European Union has demanded the immediate release of citizen journalist Zhang Zhan, who was jailed by China as his report regarding the Covid-19 outbreak in Wuhan irritated the Chinese government. Apart from the journalist, the world’s most powerful economic union has sought the release of several reporters, lawyers and human right activists. Ms. Zhang […]

Coronavirus outbreak: France criticises China

The European country of France has strongly criticised the Asian country of China – where the disastrous coronavirus outbreak originated several months ago – for the way the Asian country has handled the virus outbreak, a day after a Chinese official website stated the European country left its elderly population in its care homes to […]