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UK to tighten immigration policy

The European country of the United Kingdom has announced its plan to tighten its immigration policy. As per its new policy, no person with a serious criminal record will be allowed to enter the country.  The new policy is applicable to all, including Europeans. The policy has been

Cyprus suspends controversial citizenship scheme

The European country of Cyprus has decided to suspend a controversial citizenship scheme, which grants citizenship to those who invest a minimum of 2 million Euro in the country. The scheme has come under spotlight after an investigation conducted by a renowned International media house exposed the flaws in the admiration of the scheme. The […]

Belarus uses force against protesters

Belarus has used severe force to quell protest originated against its President, Alexander Lukashenko, who was recently re-elected as the head of the country.   As per a report, the Belarusian riot police have used water cannon and stun grenades against the protesters. The protest was triggered by the disputed election – which declared Mr. […]