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Protest breaks out in Brussels over custodial death

The custodial death of a young man in Brussels has triggered a serious protest across the country, leaving several police officers and protesters injured. The convey of a member of the Belgium royal family has also been attacked during the protest. Several people have been booked in connection with the protest. The protesters have partially […]

EU loosing strength

Certain recent developments indicate that the EU, which is a powerful economic union, is losing its strength. The EU is currently dominated by Germany and France, which were once angry rivals. The Brexit is the major threat the EU faces at this juncture. Few years ago, the people of the UK overwhelmingly voted to walk […]

EU demands immediate release of journalist Zhang Zhan

The European Union has demanded the immediate release of citizen journalist Zhang Zhan, who was jailed by China as his report regarding the Covid-19 outbreak in Wuhan irritated the Chinese government. Apart from the journalist, the world’s most powerful economic union has sought the release of several reporters, lawyers and human right activists. Ms. Zhang […]

EU begins coordinated vaccination program

At the time the world is facing a serious threat due to a highly contagious variant of Covid-19, the European Union has rolled out a mass vaccination program. The program has been projected by the union as a symbol of the unity among the member countries of the union.   While speaking to media personals, […]

UK to tighten immigration policy

The European country of the United Kingdom has announced its plan to tighten its immigration policy. As per its new policy, no person with a serious criminal record will be allowed to enter the country.  The new policy is applicable to all, including Europeans. The policy has been announced by a senior officer in the […]