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Green parties make huge gains in Swiss election

The two main Green parties have made huge gains in the latest Switzerland election, by winning at least 20 per cent of the total votes that were casted in

Crime News

Russian youngsters accused of extremism slit wrist in court

Two Russian youngsters, who was recently arrested on the charge of extremism, has slit their wrist, as their plea for house arrest has been denied by the


Secret farm sect busts

A secret spiritual sect, functioned in a remote farm house in the Netherlands, has been busted, after one of the members of the sect escaped from the sect


Russia promises to support Syria to overcome Turkish threat

Russia, which is the prime ally of the Syrian government, has promised to support Syria to overcome the threat posed by Turkey, which launched an offensive

Crime News

Mysterious deaths bring shockwaves to German parcel company

The mysterious death of two parcel company staffs has brought shockwaves to the German parcel company. The incident has forced the company to temporarily

News Sports

Bulgarian PM asks head of football association to resign

Bulgarian Prime Minister Boyko Borissov has asked the head of its football association to step down from the post. The action has come after the Bulgarian

International Relations News

Syrian Kurds join hands with Syrian Govt to stop Turkey’s invasion

The Syrian Kurds, who recently suffered serious attacks from Turkey, has joined their hands with the Syrian government, which was not in a good relation

News Politics

Turkey threatens to release Syrian refugees to Europe

In the face of the severe opposition it has suffered due to its decision to occupy several Kurdish-held regions in Syria to create a Safe Zone for


Romanian PM toppled through non-confidence vote

Romanian Prime Minister Viorica Dancila has failed to survive the non-confidence motion initiated against her in the parliament. Her failure has happened

News Politics

Spanish court awards serious punishment to Catalan independence leaders

A Spanish court has awarded serious punishment to the political leaders, who led a violent separatist movement in the Spanish region of Catalonia around