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Earthquake jolts Turkey

The eastern region of the European country of Turkey has experienced a severe earthquake of around 6.8 magnitudes. As many as sixteen people have been died


Germany man shoots to death six of his family members

A German man has shot at least six of his family members to death in a less known German town, Rot am See. The incident has come to light when the accused


Putin’s grip over Russia not to be loosen anytime soon

Since the disintegration of erstwhile Soviet Union, Russia is under the tight grip of Vladimir Putin – the dictatorial leader who knows little nothing


Storm Gloria brings havoc to Spain

A disastrous storm, named Storm Gloria, has brought havoc to the European country of Spain. The storm has caused floods and similar disasters to certain

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French Prez scolds Israel police

French President Emanuel Macron has scolded the Israel police as they have provocatively accompanied the President to a church, which falls under the

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Germany: Fake doc booked for attempt to murder

A man, who convinced several women and girls to undergo a fake experiment impersonating as a doctor, has been awarded a tough sentence of eleven year


French history book links 9/11 to CIA

A French book linked the infamous 11 September 2001 terrorist attack on the United States to the Central Intelligence Agency, the intelligence agency


German sandwich poisoning case reaches new turning point

The infamous German sandwich poisoning case related to the poisoning of an employee with mercury and lead acetate by his colleague has reached a new

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Strike in Greece against overcrowded migrant camps

The Greece Islands of Lesbos, Samos and Chios have witnessed protests against the issue of overcrowded migrant camps. The local people in the region are


Prince Harry, his wife allowed to lead normal life

Prince Harry and his wife, Meghan, is the talk of the day. Recently, the British monarch has allowed the couple to lead a normal life. They are now free to