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UK sold Hong Kong to China, alleges emotionally disturbed pro-democratic activist

A Hong Kong pro-democratic activist, who has found himself emotionally disturbed due to the ongoing confrontation between the pro-democracy camp and the


Spy Swap: Norwegian spy Frode Berg freed by Russia

Russia has released at least two Lithuanian spies and a Norwegian spy, Frode Berg, from their custody. In return, the country has managed to get at least

International Relations News

West closely observes developments in Hong Kong

The western powers, such as the US, UK, Germany and France, are closely observing the developments in the Asian city of Hong Kong. For the last few months,


Student march jolts France

Students have gathered in large numbers in several public venues, especially outside educational institutions and government buildings, across France, to

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Spain Election: Rightists make major gains; Socialists retain power

The fourth election in Spain in less than four yours has also contributed the crisis of political deadlock, like what it contributed in the past three


Spain criticises forced removal of Bolivian supremo by military

The Spanish government has strongly criticised the formed removal of Bolivian supremo Evo Morales by his country’s military. The removal has come amidst

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Poland angry with Netflix documentary about Nazi death camps

The Polish government has expressed its dissatisfaction against a documentary released by digital content giant Netflix. What that the aforesaid


Germany city declares Nazi emergency

A German city, Dresden, which is the capital of the country’ eastern territory of Saxony, has declared a Nazi emergency, as the city has found it necessary


Israel Holocaust memorial museum hosts unusual reunion

The Holocaust memorial museum, at Jerusalem in Israel, has witnessed an unusual reunion. A 92-year-old Greece lady, Melpomeni Dina, has reached the venue

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German students reach top court with tough question

Two German students have reached the corridor of the European country’s top court with the tough question of whether collecting food materials from the