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To Sleep: Charlottee Turner Smith

“COME, balmy Sleep! tired nature’s soft resort! On these sad temples all thy poppies shed; And bid day dreams, from Morpheus’ airy court, Float in light vision around my aching head! Secure all thy blessings, partial Power! On his hard bed the peasant throws him down; And the poor sea-boy, in the rudest hour, Enjoys […]
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Thieves break into Germany’s Green Vault

A group of thieves have broken into the largest treasure collection in Europe, known as Green Vault – situated in Germany. Several treasures worth millions are feared to have been stolen by the group. No information regarding that has been released yet. The German police are examining the view. They have not yet responded to […]
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This ‘suicide gun’ worth $180,000 !!

The gun that is believed to be Vincent van Gogh used to kill himself has been sold in auction for €162,500 (£144,000; $182,000). This is about three times more than the expected amount. The rusty revolver is supposed to be used by Van Gogh to kill himself in 1890. A private collector had purchased this […]