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Turkey permits migrants to entre Europe

Turkey has removed all restrictions which prevents the entry of migrants to Europe through the land border the country shares with the continent. The move has come shortly after several Turkish soldiers were killed in Syria in an attack carried out the war-embattled country with the support of Russia. Justifying its decision to allow migrants […]

After winning New Democracy Mitsotakis promises a change

Kyriakos Mitsotakis, the new centre-right prime minister of Greece has vowed that the country will “proudly raise its head again”. Mitsotakis marked his victory in New Democracy’s landslide on Sunday. Mitsotakis said that he had a clear mandate for change and promised more investment and fewer taxes. He said that he would not fail to […]
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Protest erupts in Greece over Macedonia

Severe clashes have broken out near the Greece parliament between the protesters, who have gathered there in protest against the leftist government’s recent action in connection with Macedonia, and the police force.Recently, the leftist government of Greece reached an agreement with Macedonia over its name, as against the interest of a large section of the […]