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The UK has confirmed its decision to supply Ukraine with long-range Storm Shadow cruise missiles, which were requested by Ukraine in its fight against Russian forces. The Storm Shadow missile, with a range of over 250km (155 miles), offers a significant advantage compared to the US-supplied Himars missiles, which have a range of approximately 80km (50 miles). The UK Defense Secretary, Ben Wallace, stated that these missiles would provide Ukraine with the best chance of defending itself, as they can be launched from aircraft, allowing Ukrainian pilots to operate at a safer distance from the frontlines.

The Storm Shadow missile operates by dropping to a low altitude to avoid detection by enemy radar and then uses an infrared seeker to lock onto its target. The announcement of this decision was made by Mr. Wallace in the House of Commons, following repeated requests from Ukraine for more support from Western nations. The UK’s decision to provide these missiles was prompted by Russia’s targeting of civilian infrastructure in Ukraine, and the move aims to enable Ukraine to push back Russian forces from its sovereign territory.

Mr. Wallace emphasized that the donation of these missile systems was a response to Russia’s aggression and would not have been necessary if Russia had not invaded Ukraine. However, he acknowledged that the range of the Storm Shadow missiles provided by the UK is not comparable to Russia’s own missile systems, some of which have much greater reach. Earlier, Ukraine’s Defense Minister, Oleksii Reznikov, assured that longer-range missiles would not be used to attack targets within Russia itself and offered guarantees that the weapons would not be involved in attacks on Russian territory.

The Kremlin responded to the UK’s decision by stating that it would take an appropriate military response if Ukrainian forces used the British-supplied Storm Shadow weapons. The Storm Shadow missile has previously been used by the British and French air forces in various conflicts, including the Gulf, Iraq, and Libya. It should be noted that while the British-supplied missiles can only be fired from aircraft, the French missiles can be launched from ships and submarines.

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The Asian country of China has decided not to encourage Hong Kong citizens to travel with British Overseas Citizenship passports.

The BOC passports, as per the latest policy of China, can no longer be presented as an identification document.

The policy has come shorty after the United Kingdom announced its decision to open its doors for its overseas citizens in Hong Kong.

It was the Chinese crackdown on democratic activists in Hong Kong that forced the European superpower to come to the protection of its overseas citizens in the disputed region.

Hong Kong is going through a tough situation. A large section of the population of the Chinese city is at war with its central leadership.

Hong Kong was an overseas territory of the UK. The European country handed over the territory to China as part of an agreement.

Hong Kong inherited western democratic values from its colonial master. It declined to absorb the values of the new leadership.

Though China, while reaching the agreement with the UK, agreed to protect the values Hong Kong inherited from the European country, post the handing over of power it showed little interest to nourish the values.

The ongoing disturbance in Hong Kong is in reality a conflict between the two dominant value structures.  

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The Republic of Ireland is expected to allow the publication of a report prepared by a commission on mother and baby homes.

The shocking report has already leaked to a leading newspaper based in the continent of Europe.

The victims have expressed their disappointment in the leakage. The information published by the newspaper has sent shockwaves across the continent.

The commission was appointed to investigate the allegations levelled against the mother and baby homes which were established to home women and girls who became pregnant outside marriage.

The issue came to limelight when a local historian discovered that around 769 children had been buried in a site controlled by the home.

The commission was constituted initially as an attempt to save the government from the ire of the victims.

The sad reality is that it took decades to unearth the crime. Another sad element is that at that time not many were bothered about the crime happening in the home.

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The Asian country of China has launched a severe crackdown in the embattled territory of Hong Kong.

As many as 53 people have been booked in connection with the crackdown launched in the region by the Chinese government.

Those booked in connection with the crackdown includes journalists, activists, opposition leaders, lawmakers, workers and students.

The action has been carried out with the support of the National Security Law, which were imposed over the territory by the Chinese government.

Hong Kong is at present in the state of a severe political turmoil. The city was under the control of the United Kingdom. Hong Kong was handed over to China by the UK several years. At the time of handing over, the country reached an agreement with China. In the agreement, China assured that it would not alter the political framework of the territory which the region acquired from its colonial master.

The recent development indicates that the communist country has stepped back from the assurance it made at the time the territory was handed over to it by the UK.

Hong Kong is technically a part of China. Yet, it is different. It is ruled by a one country two governments formula. The people in Hong Kong are not open to the communist culture shared by the people in the Chinese mainland.

The west, particularly the UK, has raised its voice against the unwelcoming attitude towards the region by China.     

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The Australian government, for the first time, has declared openly but indirectly that his government would not resist the return of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, who is wanted in the US for espionage.

The allegation against the journalist is that under his leadership WikiLeaks leaked several sensitive details regarding the US military.

Recently, a United Kingdom court dismissed an extradition treaty filed against the journalist by the United States.

The US has announced its plan to appeal against the UK court verdict.

The latest development indicates that the case will reach the top court of the UK, the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom.

Australian lawmakers recently demanded the release of the journalist.

The Austrian government is not a party of the case against the journalist in the United Kingdom court.

The pressure is high over the Australian government to interfere in the legal proceedings against the journalist in the UK.

There is a rumour that the journalist is suffering from serious mental health problems.    

Mr. Assange is the most fearless journalist the world has ever seen. He has several followers across the world. Human rights organisations have demanded the release of the journalist. It is alleged that the cases against him in the US is politically motivated.

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The continent of Europe, which is one of the most developed continents in the world, is at present dominated by the multilateral organisation of the European Union, which is led by the United Kingdom, Germany and France.

Russia is one of the prime rebels in the region. The country is not in a good relation with the rest of the countries in the continent.

Still, the country is not a supreme force compared to the European Union. The majority of the countries in the region is under the influence of the multilateral organisation.

It is a crucial juncture. The future of the EU is not bright at this moment. The Brexit, the exit of the UK from the European Union, is expected to reduce the strength of the multilateral organisation.

The steadily increasing influence of Russia over the Europe is also a serious threat for the future of the European Union’s influence over the continent.

In a sense, the US is responsible for the steady decline of the EU’s influence over the continent of Europe.

The Donald Trump-led United States have pulled the country away from the Europe, ignoring the commitment the country has to the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation.

Anyway, the changed political scenario in the US is seen as a game changer. It may reverse the trend.

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The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Boris Johnson, is set to visit the Asian country of India in the near future.

Mr. Johnson is expected to reach the Asian country in the coming January.

The visit has many angles. The visit is vital in many ways. The announcement has come at the time the UK is preparing to leave the European Union.

The visit is expected to decide the depth of the relation between the European powerhouse and the Asian superpower post the Brexit.

At this moment, there is no clarity about the topics that will be discussed in the scheduled meeting between the leaders of the two powerful countries. It is said that climate change, and trade and investment will be the main areas of the said discussion.

India is one of the close partners of the UK in the Asian region. It is vital for the UK to improve its relation with India to address the post-Brexit crisis brilliantly.

This is the first time Mr. Johnson has announced his decision to visit the Asian country since he was appointed to the seat of power.

Mr. Johnson is the successor of Theresa May, who lost her position as she failed to get her Brexit plan cleared in the UK Parliament.

It is yet to be seen how the UK will address the uncertainties of the post-Brexit Kingdom.   

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The European country of the United Kingdom has begun its ambitious vaccination programme, in a bid to free the country from the threat of Covid-19.

US Prime Minister Boris Johnson has expressed clearly how his government has evaluated the development. He has assured people of a future, free of the threat of Covid-19. He has requested his countrymen to wait patiently for few more months.

Meanwhile, the company, which has developed the vaccine, has expressed happiness in the determination the country has shown to roll out the vaccine programme in this stage.   

It is said that the vaccine is less likely to show an impact immediately. As per a statement, it may take months for the vaccine to prove its true outcome.

It is said that the vaccine does not have any serious side effects. It is boasted that the majority of those who have participated in the trial has experienced either no side-effect or minimal side-effect such as headache.

The UK is not the first European country which has commenced a vaccine program. Earlier, Russia launched its vaccine program.

It was boasted that the vaccine developed by Russia was effective as the one come from the United Kingdom.

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Hong Kong is a part of China now. Earlier, it was a region controlled by the United Kingdom. It was the west which turned the region a true trade hub.

In the recent past, the trade hub was handed over to China. The process was backed by an agreement Beijing reached with London. The agreement assured that China would protect the democratic values and practices the hub inherited from the UK.

Unfortunately, since the transfer of the region from the UK to China, the latter has been systematically dismantling every thing the region inherited, including the democratic values and practices.

The action, naturally, has received serious resistance. The city has witnessed numerous protests against China’s aggression.

As part of China’s strategy, it has recently imposed some laws to suppress those who have voiced their disagreement against the Chinese action.

China last week dismissed the law-making body of Hong Kong.

It seems that the Hong Kong issue has struck a peak point. The west, especially the United Kingdom and the United States, has openly criticised the Chinese policy. It has sent an ultimatum to the Communist Country of China to withdraw its anti-democratic actions.

It is yet to be seen how the things will evolve. China has not yet commented about the new development.       

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Acclaimed journalist Robert Fisk, who is known for his war-zone reporting, has passed away. Though the exact reason behind his death is unknown at this juncture, local reports say that he has died of a suspected stroke.

Mr. Fisk was nearly 74-year-old. His journalist career began during the 1970s. During the peak of his career, he was reporting for several mainstream media houses based in the UK.

He was popular for his anti-west attitude. He criticised the western foreign policy. He denounced the way the west and Israel handled the Middle East crisis.

He was the recipient of several prestigious awards and honours. He was referred as the most prominent foreign affairs journalist of this generation.

A day before he has surrendered to his final destiny, he was admitted to a hospital in Dublin as he felt some uneasiness.

He has died shortly after he was admitted to the hospital.

Several renowned personalities, including Irish President Michael D Higgins, has expressed his sadness about the death of the quintessential journalist.

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