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The US and the EU have expressed “grave concern” about China’s “problematic and unilateral moves” in disputed seas in the Asia Pacific, saying they will work together to manage their rivalry with Beijing.

Following a high-level meeting, Wendy Sherman, deputy secretary of state, and Stefano Sannino, secretary-general of the European External Action Service, issued a joint statement saying China’s actions in the South China Sea, East China Seas, and Taiwan Strait “undermine peace and security in the region and have a direct impact on the security and prosperity of both the United States and the European Union.”

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As per the sources from 2012 to 2014 Denmark’s secret service helped the US spy on European politicians including German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

According to DR, the alleged set-up, said in the report to have been codenamed “Operation Dunhammer”, allowed the NSA to obtain data using the telephone numbers of politicians as search parameters.

The Defence Intelligence Service (FE) collaborated with the US National Security Agency (NSA) to gather information, confirming to Danish public service broadcaster DR. Intelligence was allegedly collected on other officials from Germany, France, Sweden and Norway.

In 2013 similar allegations was emerged. They were not aware of Danish involvement until the DR report, which was shared with other European media over the weekend said German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier and a spokesperson for Angela Merkel.

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U.S. president Joe Biden talked with his Chinese partner Xi Jinping on Wednesday evening (Washington time), the principal call between the two chiefs since Mr. Biden accepted office on January 20.

Mr. Biden featured worries about Beijing’s monetary practices, its basic liberties record and “confident activities in the district” while asserting his need of protecting a “free and open Indo-Pacific,” the White House said in a readout of the call.

“President Biden confirmed his needs of ensuring the American individuals’ security, thriving, wellbeing, and lifestyle, and saving a free and open Indo-Pacific. President Biden underscored his key worries about Beijing’s coercive and out of line financial practices, crackdown in Hong Kong, denials of basic freedoms in Xinjiang, and progressively decisive activities in the area, including toward Taiwan,” the White House said.

In any case, the Biden organization desires to expand on the Trump organization’s fortifying of the Quad (the Indo-Pacific gathering of nations containing India, the U.S., Australia and Japan), U.S. Public Security Adviser Jake Sullivan as of late said.

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During the Trump regime, the bilateral relationship between the Europe and the United States of America touched its lowest point.

Donald Trump led the US out of the Paris Climate Treaty. He even pushed the country away from the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation.

The political transformation in the US has overturned the situation. Joe Biden, the new President of the United States of America, has led the country back to the Paris Climate Treaty, which attempts to reduce the concentration of green house gases in the atmosphere.

It is said that the new regime in the US is also trying to strengthen its commitment towards the NATO.

What the development indicates is that what is coming is a glorious period of the US-Europe relation.

It is clear that the US does not afford a strained relation with the Europe, especially when the Asian country of China is aggressively trying to increase its influence over the continent.

As against the expectation, the new US regime has heightened the conflict with China. The US has recently criticised China in connection with the South China Sea issue.

The development indicates that the US does not want the Europe to open a cordial relation with China, and it does not want Beijing to replace Washington in the Europe.

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The European superpower of Russia has blamed the archaic electoral system for the disturbance that occurred in the US capitol last day.

Trump supporters stormed the capitol to express their disagreement over the US law-making body’s decision to approve the electoral victory of Joe Biden in the US Presidential Election.

Mr. Biden defeated Donald Trump, the incumbent President, with an astounding majority. Shortly after the declaration of the election result, Mr. Trump levelled election malpractice allegations.

Anyway, Mr. Trump has finally agreed to step down from the post of the President of the United States of America.

Several European countries including the European economic power of Germany have expressed their disagreement towards the way the supporters of Donald Trump reacted to the approval given by the US law making body to the election of Mr. Biden as the President of the country.

Many European powers feel that the protest casted shadow over the democratic values the United States of America upholds.

Mr. Biden is set to take charge as the President of the United States of America this month itself.

Mr. Biden is a powerful leader of the Democratic Party. He is a liberal leader, like former US President Barack Obama.

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The Australian government, for the first time, has declared openly but indirectly that his government would not resist the return of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, who is wanted in the US for espionage.

The allegation against the journalist is that under his leadership WikiLeaks leaked several sensitive details regarding the US military.

Recently, a United Kingdom court dismissed an extradition treaty filed against the journalist by the United States.

The US has announced its plan to appeal against the UK court verdict.

The latest development indicates that the case will reach the top court of the UK, the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom.

Australian lawmakers recently demanded the release of the journalist.

The Austrian government is not a party of the case against the journalist in the United Kingdom court.

The pressure is high over the Australian government to interfere in the legal proceedings against the journalist in the UK.

There is a rumour that the journalist is suffering from serious mental health problems.    

Mr. Assange is the most fearless journalist the world has ever seen. He has several followers across the world. Human rights organisations have demanded the release of the journalist. It is alleged that the cases against him in the US is politically motivated.

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In a dramatic development related to global politics, Russian President Vladimir Putin has congratulated US President-elect Joe Biden.

It is the first time that the Russian president has extended a cordial note to the Democratic leader, who defeated US President Donald Trump, who represented the Republican Party in the 2020 US Presidential Election.

Mr. Putin is known for his close attachment with Mr. Trump.

During the 2016 Presidential Election, it was alleged that the Russian government had interfered in the election to turn the election in favour of the Republican candidate.

The latest development indicates that the Russian government is trying to develop a smooth diplomatic channel between Moscow and Washington DC.

Russia is at present not in a good relation with the rest of the Europe. The latest development has a serious political implication.

It seems that Russia wants to counter the possible upgradation of the US-EU relation post the induction of the new regime with the improved relation with Mr. Biden.

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Hong Kong is a part of China now. Earlier, it was a region controlled by the United Kingdom. It was the west which turned the region a true trade hub.

In the recent past, the trade hub was handed over to China. The process was backed by an agreement Beijing reached with London. The agreement assured that China would protect the democratic values and practices the hub inherited from the UK.

Unfortunately, since the transfer of the region from the UK to China, the latter has been systematically dismantling every thing the region inherited, including the democratic values and practices.

The action, naturally, has received serious resistance. The city has witnessed numerous protests against China’s aggression.

As part of China’s strategy, it has recently imposed some laws to suppress those who have voiced their disagreement against the Chinese action.

China last week dismissed the law-making body of Hong Kong.

It seems that the Hong Kong issue has struck a peak point. The west, especially the United Kingdom and the United States, has openly criticised the Chinese policy. It has sent an ultimatum to the Communist Country of China to withdraw its anti-democratic actions.

It is yet to be seen how the things will evolve. China has not yet commented about the new development.       

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Shorty after a wooden sculpture depicted US First Lady Melania Trump was damaged in Slovenia, her bronze statue has been reinstalled in the same location.

The previous statue had many shortcomings. Some said that the wooden statue did not have any resemblance to the First Lady.  

At this moment, it remains unclear why the wooden statue was damaged. It is also not clear who damaged the statue.

The First Lady of the United States was born in Novo Mesto in 1970 but grew up in the town of Sevnica. At that time, Slovenia was part of the Communist nation of Yugoslavia.

US artist Brad Downey commissioned the original piece and placed it outside Sevnica in 2019.

Mrs. Trump is very popular in Slovenia. She is seen as a role model by many in this part of the world.

Mrs. Trump is the most popular lady in the region on the basis of politics.

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From his hide out in the United States of America, Dr. Grigory Rodchenkov has appeared in an International media outlet based in the United Kingdom.

He went hiding shortly after the revelation about the Russian sports doping. On the basis of the revelation, Russia faced serious legal actions.

There were reports that Russia deployed a team of officials connected to their embassies in the US to search for the whistleblower.

While speaking to the media, he has explained the reasons why he believes there is threat for his life from Russia.

Lately, the US expelled as many as 60 diplomats, in retaliation to the Sergei Skripal poisoning incident.

As per a report, among those who were expelled there were those who were deployed to trace the whistleblower.    

Notably, during the interview, he has refused to explore his face to the media.

The doping incident has considerably damaged the image of Russia.  

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