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Putin congratulates Biden

In a dramatic development related to global politics, Russian President Vladimir Putin has congratulated US President-elect Joe Biden. It is the first time that the Russian president has extended a cordial note to the Democratic leader, who defeated US President Donald Trump, who represented the Republican Party in the 2020 US Presidential Election. Mr. Putin […]

Fight resumes in Nagorno-Karabakh

In a shocking development, the fight between Armenia and Azerbaijan has resumed in the Nagorno-Karabakh. The resumption of the fight mocks the agreement both the countries reached few days ago at the behest of Russia. Both the countries have blamed each other for the resumption of the fight. Armenia claims that around six of its […]

Russia begins vaccination program

The European country of Russia has begun its vaccination program in an attempt to bring the Covid-19 crisis under control. The program has commenced in the Russian capital of Moscow.   For the program, it uses Sputnik V, a vaccine it developed few months ago. The vaccine is said to be around 95 per cent […]

Russia arrests Volga Maniac

Finally, marking an end to the unpleasant suspense, the Russian police have arrested a serial killer, known by the name Volga Maniac. The police have got a breakthrough after it announced a huge reward. The criminal is suspected to have murdered as many as 26 women. The majority of his victims are elderly women. The […]

Snowstorm batters Russia

The far-eastern region of the European country of Russia has been battered by the natural disaster of snowstorm. The disaster has badly affected power supply and transportation. The region has experienced severe power cuts due to the issue. All the main transport infrastructures have been badly affected due to the development.   Russia has declared […]