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Turkey tightens its grip over social media

The Turkish parliament has cleared a controversial law, which has provisions to control the operation of social media platforms. As per the law, all social media firms with more than a million Turkish users is to set up local offices and comply with requests to remove content. The law has provisions to punish with fines […]
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Turkey punishes US consulate employee

Turkey has punished a US consulate employee, Metin Topuz, as they have found that the employee, who is a Turkish national, has links with a terror organisation work against the interest of the Turkish government. The person was originally arrested in the year 2017. Since then, he is under the custody of the Turkish government. […]

Turkey permits migrants to entre Europe

Turkey has removed all restrictions which prevents the entry of migrants to Europe through the land border the country shares with the continent. The move has come shortly after several Turkish soldiers were killed in Syria in an attack carried out the war-embattled country with the support of Russia. Justifying its decision to allow migrants […]

Around 33 Turkish soldiers killed in Syria

In a military action, as many as thirty-three Turkish soldiers have been killed in the Middle East country of Syria, which is at present in a disturbed state. The action has been carried out by the Syrian government. The Syrian government is supported by the Russian government. The action has taken place in the Idlib […]
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Earthquake jolts Turkey

The eastern region of the European country of Turkey has experienced a severe earthquake of around 6.8 magnitudes. As many as sixteen people have been died in the natural disaster. More than 400 rescue teams have been sent to the affected region. Turkey is not new to earthquake. In the year 1999, over 17,000 people […]

Russia, Turkey call for ceasefire in Libya

Russia and Turkey – the two prime European powers – have called for the end of conflict in the North African country of Libya. Though the two superpowers back rival sides in the conflict, they, it seems, are on the same side on their opinion that the conflict in Libya should end soon. Turkey recently […]