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Dr. Thomas Varghese, a distinguished Surgical Oncologist and Reconstructive Surgeon, brings a wealth of expertise to the field of oncology. With qualifications including MS, FICS (Oncology), FACS, and recognized as an MCh teacher by the Medical Council of India, Dr. Thomas Varghese currently serves as the Medical Director and Head of the Cancer Division at St. Joseph’s Cancer Hospital and Research Centre in Kochi. Dr. Thomas Varghese is deeply committed to advancing cancer treatment and patient care, contributing significantly to the medical community and providing hope to numerous patients.
In his insightful article, Dr. Thomas Varghese addresses the challenges posed by breast cancer, emphasizing the psychological impact and societal misconceptions that often accompany a diagnosis.

“Diagnosis of breast cancer can fall like a bombshell into the life of one out of five women in their lifetime” is the tagline that WHO is spreading across continents. Definitely, there is an increase in incidence in the Western world but changes in lifestyles, incorporation of Western lifestyles in own life have changed the scenario in the Third World too. This is shown as an increase in breast cancer incidence even in younger women.

The breast cancer issue is compounded by several factors. Since less than 30 years is no more rarity in cancer incidence, poverty, lack of insurance coverage, and presentation in the locally advanced or metastatic stage are all not uncommon, and many times non-oncologists, treat cancer patients with bizarre end results.

Diagnostic accuracies, and treatment nuances, especially surgical, medical and immune-oncology have progressed in leaps and bounds, however, it’s sad to observe that the percentage of individuals presenting in the advanced stage has not dwindled and remains to the tune of over 50% and death rates also approx 50%.

Apart from the factors mentioned what else could be the driving force for such late presentations?
When we ask breast cancer victims this question, 99% of women in the current generation will have only one answer, “fear of losing breasts”. The wrong information that has percolated in the minds of ordinary women, and even educated lot is in every breast cancer there is a need to “chop breasts” for cure. This fear is circulated far and wide hence many women even refrain from undergoing a screening program, unlike their Western counterparts, to detect cancer in the early stage. But once the cancer diagnosis is disclosed, they are the ones who become hysterical. On several occasions, non-oncologists, and quacks utilize this soft corner and offer unscientific treatments to further push the patients to a non-treatable stage.

Well-educated ladies also will follow this suit and finally perish from a curable status. Since long time in dedicated cancer centers or units, surgical management of breast cancer in the operable stage has been handled by cancer surgeons and later from mastectomy, the concept of BCT, Breast Conservation Therapy evolved.
Cosmetic issues regarding the same forced clinicians to think of better options in the local management of breast cancer and thus “Oncoplastic” procedures evolved. Onco means Cancer, and plasty means to mould.

Breasts are considered as a separate organ in itself, an organ of beauty sign of sexual attraction, bilateral symmetry, and an organ providing confidence to a lady in addition to the primary function of lactation.
Hence such a procedure should offer bilateral symmetry, confidence, sexual attraction, and overall better adjustments with society, workplace, and career.

Oncoplasty urges the cancer surgeon that primary priority is on cancer and the surgical procedure should be oncologically acceptable which can help in avoiding local disease recurrence. There cannot be any corner cutting which is the pre-requisite. The resections are also planned based on the primary evaluation of breast volume tumor volume ratio by an expert, dedicated, breast ultra sonologist and based on the tumor aggressiveness as per core biopsy. We plan reconstructions only when the Frozen section report by the pathologist tells that all the margins of resections are free of disease.

The beauty of this procedure is reconstruction is planned as per resection which may differ from original pre-operative planning.
Although in dedicated centres this procedure has become the norm, the majority of the patients who are evaluated by non-oncology specialists, like primary physicians, gynecologists, and surgeons may not disclose such progress with the new subjects whom they evaluate.
This will leave behind the patient with a mastectomised flat chest, even though such a surgery as per modern studies is inferior to oncoplastic surgeries.
Breast cancer affects not only the body or physique but the mental trauma, anxiety, and agony is far beyond imagination. The first Question a lady with a diagnosis of breast cancer will ask to herself will be “Why God oh me? What in me has precipitated the cancer? Fate Karma?”
Then this will lead to denial, depression, anger, fear of recurrence, and finally “acceptance”. Mourning over the lost breast adds to trauma and external pads will never be incorporated into the body image.
Most of these women especially the young may have just entered into the professional career ladder, some may be just married, some unmarried, and others may have postponed pregnancy for a career, and getting a mutilating mastectomy further destroys the morale.

Hence Oncoplasty will be a boon considering the fact that breasts are a sign of beauty, symmetry and feminity. Offering a normal-looking, and feeling breast, on many occasions even preserving nipple and areola will help the lady to get adjusted to the further treatments with increased confidence.
A dedicated, and compassionate cancer surgeon, well trained in plastic and oncoplastic surgery is the pre-requisite to an excellent cosmetic outcome.

The emergence of a perforator artery-based flap, a local flap, has emerged as one of the versatile options to offer the best oncoplastic surgery for tumors localized in most of the quadrants of the breasts.
Morbidity to the “donor” area of the body like the back in the LD flap, lower belly in the TRAM flap, or gluteal region in the microvascular flap are well known. In perforator artery-based local flap that issue is avoided.
Common perforator arteries and flaps that are employed for such novel reconstruction procedures include, Lateral Intercostal Perforator Artery Flap (LICAP), Anterior Intercostal Perforator Artery Flap (AICAP), Combination of both (LICAP+AICAP), Middle Intercostal Perforator Artery Flap (MICAP), LICAP +AICAP combination could be used even for Mastectomy with Immediate Reconstructions (MIBR). Whereas, LICAP flap in general is the preferred flap for reconstruction of tumors located in the lateral, inferior, or central quadrants, after wide resections.

These novel concepts have paved a new way to address breast cancer management, in a different perspective to offer better confidence in the minds of women with breast cancer so that they could get solace at the earliest. It offers a better quality of life and confidence. Avoidance of morbidity to the donor area is definitely a boon because no scar marks of reconstructions(stigma) will be visible on the body.
Management of breast cancer has changed a lot over a period of time as technological improvement and understanding of genetics have become an integral part. Breast cancer is a lifestyle disease in more than 90% of the cases. Around 10% have a genetic predisposition. BRCA1, BRCA11, HER2, triple negativity, etc all have strong genetic links.
Obesity, lack of exercise, high fatty diet, red meat, lack of breastfeeding, late pregnancies, contraceptive pills, and fertility treatments with estrogens are all said to influence.

If one aims to have a 100% cure, early detection of cancer is a must. Breast self-examination (BSE) should be popularized which could pick up one cm-sized tumors. Ultrasound breasts and mammography could detect cancers in non-palpable stages. Another important fact is such mammographically detected tumors could be managed with wire localizations and scarless surgeries with no adjuvant treatments.
Personalized treatments, immunotherapy, and targeted treatments in addition to conventional treatments like chemotherapy or radiation after an oncoplastic surgery have paved the way to better cure rates.
Breast cancer is a curable disease in the majority of the early detected cases. Beauty could be restored. Why can’t we have a concerted effort to conquer the number one killer? Media has a large role to play in spreading the good news.

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According to the RNLI, lifeboats were sent 290 times last year to rescue migrants in the English Channel.

For the first time, the organisation has made public information about its work on migrant crossings.

The RNLI, which has been chastised for providing a “taxi service” for migrants, reported saving 108 lives in the Channel between France and the Kent coast.

Its CEO stated that he made no apologies for saving lives at sea.

In 2022, lifeboats manned by volunteer crews were launched more than 9,000 times off the coasts of the United Kingdom and Ireland.

The charity’s annual report for 2022 shows a 3.5% rise in net revenue, part of which came from larger donations, but expenditures also increased.

Some of the funds have gone towards the development of a new gadget known as “sea stairs,” a floating platform that allows workers to rescue people from the ocean more rapidly.

Mr. Ling called the floating platform a “game changer.”

He said that a standard rescue of a sinking small boat would take roughly one minute per person, but the sea stairs allowed 20 people to be rescued in 90 seconds.

The arrival of 616 migrants on tiny boats on Monday brings the total number of migrants crossing in 2023 to 8,380.

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Every success story is a tale of constant adaption, revision and change – Richard Branson

Success is much more than wealth, influence, or notoriety. Success is just the satisfaction and happiness one feels after adopting a certain lifestyle or engaging in a certain activity. Only with intense effort and a tiny bit of luck can success in any endeavour or area of life be attained. Determination is one of the most essential success ingredients and may even be the most essential success secret. Never giving up until the goal of happiness and contentment in life is fully attained is vital for success. Diverse people find enjoyment and contentment in quite different things.

Dr. Varghese Kurian VKL Holding Company, MBA Awards
Dr. Varghese Kurian

Dr. Varghese Kurian the chairman of the VKL Holdings and Al Namal Group of Companies, which employs more than 7000 people. The group’s businesses include real estate, property development and management, construction, health, and hospitality. Since 1990, Dr. Varghese Kurian has been actively involved in real estate development. He has successfully created, managed, marketed, and sold more than 200 commercial and residential structures worth more than BHD 500 million throughout the Kingdom of Bahrain.

The classic Benjamin Franklin quote, “Energy and tenacity conquer all things,” is often used. Dr. Varghese Kurian performed just this when he 2011 saw the expansion of his empire even as Bahrain was in danger of disintegrating.

The Group finished the Best Western Olive, Al Murooj, Lulu Hypermarket in Hidd, and Middle East Hospital projects despite the upheaval brought on by the heightened civil unrest.

The Group was able to complete projects for a significant discount thanks to decreased costs for raw materials, lower subcontractor rates, and a drop in the demand for building supplies. They had more confidence in Bahrain, which allowed them to extend their holdings.

The real estate, property development and management, construction, health, and hospitality sectors of VKL Holdings and the Al Namal Group of Companies are quite well known. VKL Holdings has carved itself a distinct niche in and around the Kingdom of Bahrain by utilising the most cutting-edge methods across all of its multiple divisions.

His journey to greatness began in Bahrain in the 1980s when he arrived as a civil engineer. He worked for a construction firm up until 1992 when he founded the VKL Al-Namal Group, a construction and real estate business. The company initially started out as just another construction firm, but it gradually grew into one of the largest firms, with facilities on-site for electromechanical, HVAC, interiors, aluminium, and wrought iron work, which helped to complete some of the significant projects that proved to be turning points for the business. In Bahrain today, this group has proven to be the greatest in its industry. More than 7000 people are employed by VKL Al-Namal Group, which has expanded beyond just real estate and construction. These activities include trading, oil and gas, trading, marine dredging, and education.

Dr. Varghese Kurian
Dr. Varghese Kurian

Dr. Varghese Kurian credits it to a top-notch group of trustworthy, detail-oriented experts who share the organization’s commitment to sustainable growth and who persevere with the highest humility. Dr. Varghese is still amused and appreciative when he considers how he came to diversify his business portfolio.

In addition to being a prosperous businessman, Dr. Varghese Kurian embodies humanity by staying true to his roots even when things are difficult. He is a man of humility who, although having amassed a sizable empire, makes sure to constantly uphold his obligation in striving to benefit society in addition to his economic objectives. As part of the business’s CSR drive, he gave Rs. 8 crores to flood relief programmes in Kerala, of which Rs. 2 crore went to the Chief Ministers’ Relief Fund. In addition, VKL Group did not hesitate to offer assistance to flood victims in Kuttanadu by supplying necessities like food and clothing. In his hometown of Seethathodu, which is close to Pathanamthitta, he rebuilt more than 500 destroyed homes and provided home appliances to more than 6000 homes. His social contribution goes beyond CSR initiatives; it also includes providing medical and financial aid to those in need, funding impoverished people’s weddings, and other charitable tasks that he completes all year long. Additionally, he has donated money to cover Indian expat children’s wedding costs. He also started a philanthropic organisation in his parents’ names to support poor people’s welfare initiatives.

Dr. Varghese Kurian
Dr. Varghese Kurian Juffair Rise

Dr. Varghese Kurian is passionate about testing out cutting-edge concepts in the tourism sector. He makes excellent investments without hesitation, and industrialists like him are uncommon. VKL had already invested in the ambitious seaplane project, which unhappily ran into administrative roadblocks and dashed Kurian’s hopes. But still he remains optimistic, nevertheless, about the vast potential that seaplanes can have for the travel and tourism sector. He thinks Kerala’s varied landscape has the opportunity for such a project.

Through his involvement with numerous notable organisations, Kurian has gained recognition throughout the world. He was honoured by the Indian government by receiving the highly coveted Pravasi Bharatiya Samman for 2014. In addition, he has received numerous awards, including the Global Visionary Award. Without a doubt, one might conclude that this individual leaves his trail open for others to follow. On January 16, 2023, he received the coveted MBA Award in recognition of both his contributions to the business world and his CSR activities.

Dr. Varghese Kurian and his wife, Lizhy Varghese, a multifaceted homemaker and the backbone of the family, ensure that their three children – Sija, Jeeban and Vishakh have a knowledge of humanity and its truths.

Dr. Varghese Kurian
Dr. Varghese Kurian & Family

Dr. Varghese Kurian states, “From a small beginning as a single construction company, we have achieved our current strong position in the market by travelling a road less taken, providing to you the best the industry has to offer without compromising on quality.”

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As the Asian country of India, which was the first country which introduced a tough lockdown, has reached the advanced stage of the unlock phase, it has offered several relaxations, especially to its entertainment industry (the rapidly growing industry).

Days after the introduction of certain relaxations, an Internationally acclaimed beauty contest has been organised in the country.

The third edition of globally acclaimed beauty contest Manappuram Mrs South India has been organised at SAJ Earth Resorts in the southern state of India, Kerala.  

It is one of the few Internationally acclaimed beauty contests from the Asian region.

Deepa Lal from the Indian state of Kerala has won the Manappuram Mrs South India 2020 title. Candida Andrade Halgekar from the Indian state of Karnataka has been awarded the first runner up title of the Mrs South India, and Dr. Bhavna Rao from the Indian state of Tamil Nadu the second runner up title. 

This is the first time a beauty event has been organised in this part of the world since the Covid-19 lockdown. Moreover, this is the first time the possibility of the virtual mode has been fully explored.

The winners of the contest have been crowned by the founder of SCAAS, Mrs Shiney Justine.

At least eight women from the four South Indian states, such as Kerala, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Telangana, have participated in the Mrs South India.

The franchisee holder of this year’s Mrs South India contest is Shiny Justine, who is the founder of SCAAS.

The contestants from outside the state of Kerala, who were selected to participate in the Mrs South Indian contest, have participated in the event virtually through the digital platform, which has been arranged by the organiser.

In the beauty contest, not only the physical beauty of the contestants has been gauged, but also their intelligence, talents and social commitment have also been measured. 

The winners have been selected by the judging panel comprised of several acclaimed personalities in the fashion and modelling industry such as Lakshmi Menon (model), Archana Ravi (model), Hari Anand (designer) and Dr. Sajimon Parayil (actor-cum-designer).

The traditional saree round and red gown round are the two main rounds in the Mrs South India.

The online grooming session of the contest began on 23rd September itself. The grooming has been handled by a team of experts in the industry.

The physical grooming session has been conducted at SAJ Earth resorts, Kochi. 

Mrs South India: Sub-Titles Winners 

Mrs Personality: Aswathi Renjith

Mrs Ramp Walk: Candida Andrade Halgejkar

Mrs Talent: Dr. Bhavna Rao

Mrs Glamorous Look: Deepa Lal

Mrs Viewers’ Choice: Kajal Rawtani

Mrs Social Media:  Dr. Shiji Rineesh

The winners of the contest have been crowned with the golden crowns designed by Parakkat Jewellers.

Manappuram Finance Limited and DQ are the main partners of the event, jointly organised by SCAAS and Pegasus – which has around 20-year experience in the fashion industry. SCAAS, SAJ Earth Resort and Convention Center and Medimix are the powered by partners.

It is a proud moment. Pegasus is the first organiser which has excluded the infamous bikini round from its beauty contests. The company has carved a unique position in the fashion industry with its values. Miss South India, Miss Queen of India, Miss Asia and Miss Glam World are the other main beauty brands owned by the company.

The event is conducted to showcase the rich culture, tradition and values of this part of the country and to promote tourism.

It is a notable fact that Pegasus, which is known for its deep respect to the concept of women empowerment, is governed by two women.  

Winners of Mrs South India naturally win the opportunity to represent the region in several national and International beauty contests, such as Mrs India Global.  

Unique Times, Juzt Shine Family Fitness, ZOLA, Kalpana International, Parakkat Resorts, The Times New, UT World, Europe Times, Vee Kay Vees, UT TV, Buckler Paints and Beau Aesthetica are the event co-partners.

Kajal Rawtani (Telangana), Candida Andrade Halgejkar (Karnataka), Dr. Bhavna Rao (Tamil Nadu), Inku Rahmath L (Kerala), Deepa Lal (Kerala), Shiji M Rineesh (Kerala), Mary Jothi (Kerala) and Aswathi Renjith (Kerala) are the contestants of the Mrs South India 2020.

Due to the Covid-19 crisis, the regional title winners of each state were selected to participate in the contest – organised to provide a platform for exceptionally talented women from the southern region of the country.

Notably, during the event, the organiser has strictly followed the Covid-19 protocol and directives, released by the authority to contain the spread of the Covid-19 outbreak.

In honour of healthcare workers who are the frontline fighters against the country’s battle against the Covid-19 crisis, during the selection round of the event, heath workers were given priority.

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Event production conglomerate Pegasus is preparing to sell its three promising beauty contest brands, Miss Asia, Miss South India and Miss Tamil Nadu, by auction.

The company has pledged to contribute at least fifty per cent of what it receives from the auction (after the necessary tax reduction) to the Prime Minister Relief Fund.

The details regarding the auction have been publicised by Pegasus Chairman Dr. Ajit Ravi through his social media post.

In his post, he says that it is his genuine care for his fellow countrymen that has brought him to this unusual decision to sell the three valuable brands.

He adds that if his contribution helps the government to wipe the tears of poor and encourage many to follow this step to support the nation at the time of this coronavirus crisis, it will be the greatest reward that his hard decision can receive.

As per the statement, the minimum bid that the company expects is not less than Rs. 10 crore.

Those who are interested to be a part of this auction – thus to be a part of a big humanitarian move, kindly contact:

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In the eighteenth edition of Miss South India organised at Luxotica Convention Centre in Kannur, Aiswarya S, from Kerala, has become the title winner.

Meanwhile, Vidhya Vijayakumar (Kerala) has been awarded the first runner up title, and Shivani Rai (Karnataka) has been felicitated with the second runner up title.

The title winner has been crowned by former Miss South India winner Nikitha Thomas. At the same time, the first and second runner ups have crowned actress Ambika and actress Abhiramy respectively.

The certificates and other awards for the winners have been presented by Manappuram Finance Limited General Manager and Chief PRO Sanoj Herbert.

A huge prize worth at least one lakh and fifty thousand Indian Rupees and a diamond ring contributed by Kirtilals have been gifted to the title winner. The first and second runner ups have received seventy five thousand Indian Rupees and fifty thousand Indian Rupees respectively.  

Miss South India is the first step towards popular International beauty contest Miss Asia.

Manappuram Finance Limited is the prime partner of the event, in which at least 23 beauties from all the five major South Indian states have participated. Mahindra, DQ Watches, Saj Earth Resorts and SajaaS Designer Boutique are the main powered by partners of the event.

The event has been conducted in association with Rotary Club Kannur.

The contestants have been judged by a team of experienced people possess years of experience in the fashion and entertainment sector.

Apart from the main titles, the team has also selected several subtitle and regional title winners.

Regional title winners

Miss Tamil Nadu: Deepthie S
Miss Queen Andhra: Sugamya Sankar
Miss Queen Karnataka: Shwetha Rao
Miss Queen Kerala: Mariya James
Miss Queen Telangana: Spandhanah Roselene

Subtitle Winners

Miss Beautiful Hair: Sini M (Karnataka)
Miss Beautiful Acting Face: Mariya James (Kerala)
Miss Congeniality: Pallavi Sushil (Kerala)
Miss Catwalk: Kaamna Batra (Tamil Nadu)
Miss Talent: Vidhya Vijayakumar (Kerala)
Miss Photogenic: Lavanya A (Tamil Nadu)
Miss Viewers Choice: Sugamya Sankar (Andhra Pradesh)
Miss Social Media: Aiswarya S (Kerala)
Miss Humanness: Mariya James (Kerala)

The grooming sessions of the beauty contest, which is broadly divided into at least three major rounds such as the designer saree round, red cocktail round and the black gown round, commenced on 14th January 2020 in Kochi. The sessions in yoga, meditation, personality development, beauty care, catwalk, photoshoot and talent search has bestowed the contestants with renewed confidence. Notably, the sessions were handled by experts in the field of fashion.

The contestants for the Miss South India 2020, like always, were selected through a transparent audition process. The audition sessions were conducted in at least five major cities across South India such as Kochi, Bengaluru, Chennai and Hyderabad.

Aiswarya S (Tamil Nadu), Anjali Menon (Kerala), Deepthie S (Tamil Nadu), Divyapriya Sivam (Tamil Nadu), Ishwarya Pagalavan (Tamil Nadu), Kaamna Batra (Tamil Nadu), Krishnanjana K S (Kerala), Lavanya A (Tamil Nadu), Mariya James (Kerala), Megha Shetty (Karnataka), Neha S (Karnataka), Pallavi Sushil (Kerala), Pooja Ratnam (Telangana), Samruddi V Shetty (Karnataka), Shivani Rai (Karnataka), Shwetha Jayaram (Kerala), Shwetha Rao (Karnataka), Sini M (Karnataka), Sonia Karthikeyan (Tamil Nadu), Spandhanah Roselene (Telangana), Sreelakshmi C (Kerala), Sugamya Sankar (Andhra Pradesh), Vidhya Vijayakumar (Kerala) are the contestants of the beauty contest.

Kalpana Family Salon and Spa, Parakkat Jewellers, Unique Times, Fashion Connect, Dream Catcher and Aiswarya Advertising are the event partners of the Miss South India 2020.

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The grooming session of the eighteenth edition of Miss South India, which is set to be organised at Luxotica Convention Centre in Kannur in this week end (that is, 18th January 2020), has commenced at SAJ Earth Resort and Convention Center, Kochi.

Miss South India is a prestigious beauty contest brand owned by popular event production conglomerate Pegasus, based in Kochi.

The highly reputed brand, owned by the reputed company, has already completed nearly seventeen editions.

What the beauty contest offers is an exciting opportunity to enter into the challenging field of entertainment – particularly the media and fashion sector.

Apart from Miss South India, the company also owns several other successful brands such as Mrs South India, Miss Queen of India, Miss Asia, Miss Asia Global and Miss Glam World.

The company management is known for the respectful way they treat their contestants. It is one of the few event production conglomerates which discourage the objectification of the body of women through the inclusion of bikini rounds in its beauty contests.

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Business legend Kochouseph Chittilappilly, the founder of V-Guard, was awarded the MBA award 2019 by Manappuram Finance Limited Managing Director V P Nandakumar in a colourful function organised at Le Meridien, Kochi, on 25th December 2019 at 5 PM.

The MBA award is an exclusive business achievement award organised by reputed event conglomerate Pegasus Global Pvt Ltd in association with Unique Times magazine. The award is offered to recognise the contributions of outstanding Malayalee business achievers. Though it is a business achievement award, the parameter to select the winner is not limited to the area of business. It is brilliantly stretched further to include the area of Corporate Social Responsibility.

A winner of the award naturally wins a seat in Federal International Chamber Forum, says Pegasus founder Dr. Ajit Ravi.

The FICF is a guild of the MBA Awardees. Each year the forum gets a new member, as one highly eligible person is chosen for this award every year. Since the FICF is an association of the awardees, the forum is extremely exclusive. It is a rendezvous of great business minds.

The forum is one of the richest forums in the country considering the wealth of its members. Due to the high exclusivity of the forum, very high parameters are installed to conduct the selection procedure. As per the guidelines, the recipient of the award must have assets under management worth not less than Rs. 2,000 crores.

In short, the FICF is a group of outstanding business achievers, who are respected for their contributions in the business and social service sectors.

So far, at least eight persons have received this award. M P Ramachandran, the Managing Director and Chairman of Jyothy Laboratories, is the previous’ years’ winner. V P Nandakumar, the MD and CEO of Manappuram Finance, Joy Alukkas, the Chairman of Joy Alukkas, M A Yusuff Ali, the MD of Lulu group International, T S Kalyanaraman, the Chairman and MD of Kalyan Jewellers, P N C Menon, the Founder and Chairman of Sobha Group, Gokulam Gopalan, the Founder and Chairman of Gokulam Group of Companies and Ravi Pillai, the Founder and MD of R P Group of Companies, are the other winners.

Mr. Chittilappilly, the legend who wristed the award this time, is a highly successful businessman based in Kerala.

His brand has climbed many stairs past its humble beginning as a trusted stabiliser brand. Under this brand name, now a wide variety of products are sold, from solar water heater, fans, pumps and mixer grinder to induction cooktop.

Making use of the possibility of diversification to its fullest, the businessman has successfully tested his luck in several other sectors also.

The group runs two amusement parks – one, in Kochi, and other, in Bengaluru. It is also into the real estate sector.

Mr. Chittilappilly is an admirable person. He is a highly enthusiastic philanthropist. He is living with one kidney; one of his kidneys was donated to a poor truck driver, setting a clear example for his followers to follow.

He is the recipient of several prestigious awards, including the Samman Pathra Award for top income tax payer.

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The fifth edition of Miss Asia Global is to be organised in Gokulam Convention Centre, Kochi, at 6 PM on 1st November, 2019. At least twenty-six beauties from across the world are going to participate in the International event. The chief guest of the event is YB Yeoh Soon Hin, the tourism minister of Penang, Malaysia. Apart from him, several other delegates from the region are expected to be at the venue. The Miss Asia Global 2020 is going to be organised in Malaysia. So, this year, India will hand over the baton to Malaysia.    

In the contest, not only the physical beauty of the contestants is gauged, but also their intelligence, talents and social commitment are also measured. 

The winner from the Asia region is awarded the title of Miss Asia, and the same from the rest is gifted the title of Miss Asia Global.

Many acclaimed figures in the fashion and modelling sectors will appear in the judging panel of the event.

The national costume round, black cocktail round and the white gown round are the three main rounds in the program.

The grooming session of the program has begun on 25th October at Saj Earth Resort, Ernakulam.

Samiksha Singh, the first runner-up of the Miss Queen of India 2019, will represent India in the contest.

Apart from the Miss Asia Global, Miss Asia, Miss Asia first runner-up and the Miss Asia second runner-up titles, the Miss Beautiful Face, Miss Beautiful Skin, Miss Beautiful Hair, Miss Beautiful Smile, Miss Beautiful Eyes, Miss Congeniality, Miss Perfect Ten, Miss Talent, Miss Catwalk, Miss Personality, Miss Photogenic, Miss Viewers’ Choice, Best National Costume and the Miss Social Media titles are awarded.

The winners of the prestigious event will receive the golden crowns designed by Parakkat Jewellers.

Mahindra and Manappuram Finance are the main partners of the event, organised by Pegasus – which has nearly eighteen year’s experience in the field. And, DQ watches, Sera, SAJ Earth Resorts and T Shine are the powered by partners.

It is a proud moment for the state. Pegasus is the first organiser which has organised a beauty contest excluding the infamous bikini round. The company has carved a unique position in the national and International fashion sectors. Miss South India, Miss Queen of India, Miss Asia and Miss Glam World are the other main events of the company.

Dr. Ajit Ravi, the Founder Chairman of the Miss Asia Global, says that the event is conducted to showcase the rich culture of the country and to promote its tourism sector.

Unique Times, Juzt Shine Family Fitness, Neo TourEx Private Limited, Wow Factor, J D Institute of Fashion Technology, The Times New, Kerala Gods’ Own Country, DTPC, UT World, Europe Times, Fitness Forever, Vee Kay Vees, Parakkat Resorts and Aiswarya are the event partners of the Miss Asia Global.

Bonadeo Adora Jane (Australia), Shanta Paul (Bangladesh), Yana Khramtsova (Belarus), Tenzin Zomkey (Belgium), Singye Bidha (Bhutan), Karoline Aline De Morais Daniel (Brazil), Eva Nedelcheva Dobreva (Bulgaria), Dong Xiaoge (China), Jana Kutova (Czech Republic),  Maame Yaa Asieduwah Donikor (Ghana), Elshamma Valdor (Haiti), Samiksha Singh (India), Fira Dwi Indria (Indonesia), Melissa Kassanova (Kazakhstan), Leeseul Kim (Korea), Hannah Paiwan (Laos), Aylasha Ramrachia (Mauritius), Ajita Rayamajhi (Nepal), Jeanfer Ozbot (Philippines), Shakherezada Rastokina (Russia), Sara Damnjanovic (Serbia), Hsieh Ling Tzu (Taiwan), Oksana Zemlianukhina (Ukraine) and Nguyen Thi Yen Trang (Vietnam) are the contestants of the contest.



  • 1 Tbsp. dry mustard
  • 2 Tbsp. corn starch
  • 1 pkg. (200 g) Gouda cheese, cubed
  • 1 pkg. (200 g) Swiss cheese, cubed
  • 1 clove garlic, cut in half
  • 1 cup Kraft 100% Parmesan Shredded Cheese
  • 1-1/2 cups dry white wine


In a large bowl, mix corn starch and mustard. Add some cubed cheeses and toss to coat.

Rub the inside portion of fondue potion of the fondue pot with garlic. Bring into boil in medium heat. Slowly add the cheese cubes, stir constantly until the whole cheese is melted.

Add and cook the Parmesan. Stir for 2 to 3 minutes, until it is melted completely. Prevent the sauce from coming into boiling by reducing the heat if necessary. Serve hot!

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