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Can Alexei be equated to Lenin

Recently, certain intellectuals likened the return of Alexei Navalny, the critic of Russian President Vladimir Putin, to the return of Lenin to Moscow ahead of the 1917 October Revolution, which overturned the history of the country. Can Alexei be equated to Lenin is the big question at this
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Navalny to remain in Russian prison for ten days

Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny is likely to remain in the Russian custody for at least thirty days. The Russian government has not yet responded to the appeal made by the International community demanding the release of the opposition leader. Last day, several western countries particularly France demanded the immediate release of Mr. Navalny, who […]
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Putin congratulates Biden

In a dramatic development related to global politics, Russian President Vladimir Putin has congratulated US President-elect Joe Biden. It is the first time that the Russian president has extended a cordial note to the Democratic leader, who defeated US President Donald Trump, who represented the Republican Party in the 2020 US Presidential Election. Mr. Putin […]

Russia: Navalny getting back to normal life

Alexei Navalny, who was allegedly poisoned by the Russian government at the behest of its President, Vladimir Putin, is getting back to his normal life. He is being treated at a hospital based in Germany. The poisoning incident happened while he was travelling to Moscow in a flight. Shortly after the incident, he lost conscious […]

Belarus dictator reaches Russia

Alexander Lukashenko, the dictator of Belarus, has reached Russia, to meet his Russian counterpart and supporter, Vladimir Putin. He has been accommodated in a resort near Black Sea. It is clear that the visit has a link to the ongoing protest of pro-democratic activists in Belarus. Russia earlier said that it was ready to send […]