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Two workers die in bridge collapse in Dutch city of Lochem

In the Netherlands, a tragic incident occurred in Lochem where two workers lost their lives and two others were injured during the construction of a bridge. The collapse happened when cables supporting a bridge arch snapped, causing it to plummet to the ground. The deceased workers were identified as one from Belgium and the other from Poland, but further details such as their names and ages were not disclosed.

The collapse, labeled as an “industrial accident” by officials, prompted an ongoing investigation to determine its cause. Witnesses, including onlookers, were deeply affected by the sudden collapse and are receiving psychological support.

According to one witness, the collapse occurred shortly after the arch began swinging, followed by a loud bang. The bridge was intended to span a major canal as part of a new ring road project in Lochem, Gelderland.

Mayor Sebastiaan van ‘t Erve expressed shock over the incident, highlighting the extensive planning and development efforts over five years leading up to the construction. Despite this, the bridge collapsed in a single day, resulting in fatalities and injuries.

The exact cause of the collapse remains unclear, and investigations are ongoing. Local authorities confirmed that the injured workers were hospitalized but expected to recover.

Andre Meilink from the regional safety authority provided insight into the incident, explaining that the bridge began to twist as it was being lifted, leading to the collapse of a section.

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