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Three men were convicted guilty of murder by a Dutch court for shooting down a passenger plane over eastern Ukraine in 2014, which resulted in the deaths of 298 people. The court determined that a Russian-made missile fired by an armed group controlled by Russia and supplied by Russia brought down flight MH17.

The three men—two Russians and one Ukrainian—were convicted in absentia and given life sentences. A third Russian was found not guilty. Prior to accusations of atrocities occurring there becoming a reality practically every day, the missile attack was one of the most infamous war crimes in Ukraine.

Many surviving family members of the victims believe that the invasion of Ukraine and the subsequent geopolitical upheaval could have been avoided eight years ago if the world had responded differently and taken a firmer position against Russia.

The only one of the four defendants who had a lawyer at the trial was Oleg Pulatov. Despite finding that he was aware of the missile, the judges declared him not guilty. 80 children and 15 crew members were among the 298 passengers that boarded Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 to Kuala Lumpur on July 17, 2014, at Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport.

Over Ukraine, the aircraft was flying at 33,000 feet. It was early in Russia’s attempts to annex areas of the nation. This was a relatively low-intensity conflict area at the time, although recent air combat had increased fighting. A number of military aircraft had been shot down in the months before.

In retaliation, Ukraine shut down the airspace up to 32,000 feet below ground level. However, flights continued to span the nation. One thousand feet above this constrained airspace, the Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777 was travelling.

It lost communication with air traffic control around 13:20 GMT. 196 of the 298 passengers, who were travelling from 17 different nations, were from the Netherlands, 43 from Malaysia, 38 from Australia, and 10 from the United Kingdom. They had packed for their ideal vacations, a symposium on AIDS, family gatherings, and more. All future plans vanished in a split second.

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The use of nitrous oxide, sometimes known as laughing gas, is now prohibited in the Netherlands due to health concerns regarding the rising number of young people who use it.

The ban, which goes into effect in January, makes it unlawful to purchase, sell, or possess gas. The authorities claim that it is still permissible to utilise it in food production and medicine.

The government also anticipates that the prohibition will result in fewer drug-related auto accidents. Laughing gas has reportedly been a factor in 1,800 accidents in the Netherlands over the last three years, according to road safety watchdog TeamAlert.

According to Maartje Oosterink of TeamAlert, “almost two a day, data that really astonished us,” she told AD newspaper earlier this month.

The well-known legal high has been more popular among clubbers and festival goers in recent years, and it’s frequently combined with other drugs like ketamine or MDMA (ecstasy).

Most of the time, the gas is sold in little metal canisters, which are then poured into balloons before being breathed. The Trimbos Institute estimates that more than 37% of Dutch partygoers, predominantly young people, regularly consume laughing gas.

However, there are significant worries over how the depressant-like medicine affects the brain and how the body reacts. Regular heavy use might also result in a vitamin deficit, which can harm your nerves permanently and leave you paralysed.

As the government’s decision was made public, State Secretary for Health, Welfare, and Sport Maarten van Ooijen stated that the use of nitrous oxide for recreational purposes poses significant health hazards.

Dilan Yeşilgöz, the minister of justice, stated that the prohibition would allow the police to take prompt action if they discovered someone driving around with nitrous oxide gas canisters in their vehicle.

Beyond the Netherlands, worries about the drug’s rising popularity exist.

In England, it is the substance that 16 to 24 year olds abuse most frequently (behind cannabis).

Due to worries over its misuse, the UK Home Office faced calls this month to outlaw all sales of the gas to direct consumers.

Due to the fact that it is acceptable to legally purchase and sell it for the purpose of manufacturing whipped cream, it has become widely and easily accessible for recreational use.

In hospitals and dental offices, large canisters of nitrous oxide are frequently utilised to administer anaesthesia to patients.

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Authorities claim that in some areas of the Netherlands, wolves can be blasted with paintballs to try and make them less domesticated. There are worries that wolves may pose a severe threat if they lose their fear of people.

The Arnhem provincial administration made this choice in response to a social media video that showed a wolf ambling past a family in the area’s Hoge Veluwe national park. Paintballs were chosen so that rangers could identify the targets that had been hit.

Additionally, it is believed that this will motivate wolves to keep at least 30 metres (100 feet) away from people.

DutchNews was informed by a provincial spokeswoman that one of the wolves in particular appeared to be searching for humans. The wolves are being fed, according to the environmental organisation Faunabescherming, since if they become too tame they could be labelled “problem animals” and put down.

According to DutchNews, Seger Emmanuel baron van Voorst tot Voorst, the park’s owner, disputes the claim but has previously declared that wolves have no place in the Netherlands. Around 20 adult wolves are thought to be residing in the nation, according to a report that was released in June.

The announcement from the local government does not mean that anyone with a paintball gun can head to the park and start firing at wolves. No date has yet been given for when the measure will start and it will be carried out by people authorised to do so.

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A Dutch town has filed a lawsuit against Twitter for spreading the rumour that a group of paedophiles who worship Satan formerly lived there. In 2020, three men spread the first untrue information that Bodegraven-Reeuwijk was the scene of the abuse and murder of several children in the 1980s.

The primary perpetrator said he had seen the crimes when he was a young boy. He had grown up in the town close to The Hague. The posts should all be deleted, according to local officials. Numerous individuals have been drawn by the allegations to visit the town’s Vrederust cemetery and pay their respects to the graves of seemingly unrelated dead youngsters.

Prior to a hearing in The Hague District Court on Friday, Jens van den Brink, Twitter’s attorney, declined to comment. The same court ordered the three original guys to delete all tweets against the town last year, yet the allegations are still being spread.

Cees van de Sanden, the town’s attorney, claimed that Twitter had ignored a request in July for it to track down and take down all posts connected to the allegations. According to RTL Nieuws, Mayor Christiaan van der Kamp described the allegations as “extremely distressing and occasionally even dangerous for the relatives of the deceased.”

The three men who made the claims are currently in jail after being found guilty in separate incidents of inciting and issuing threats to kill several people, including Dutch Prime Minister.

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Three Dutch commandos who were in the US for training were shot and wounded while off duty outside a hotel in Indianapolis. The event happened in the city’s entertainment district on Saturday at at 03:30 local time.

According to Indianapolis police, the three guys were located with gunshot wounds and transferred to surrounding hospitals. One of the guys was listed in critical condition, but the other two were conscious, according to the Dutch defence ministry. It stated that all three belonged to the Commando Corps, one of the Dutch military’s special operations divisions.

The shooting happened in front of the hotel where they were staying during their spare time, the ministry claimed. The males and another person or group may have been involved in an earlier dispute, according to the local police.

An officer from the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department told FOX59 that the information they were ready to share at the time was that nothing happened inside the hotel. “We suspect there was a prior altercation at another site.”

The men’s families had been informed, according to the Dutch defence ministry, and a local police probe was ongoing. There have been no detentions.

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After driving his mother’s car in the Netherlands, a four-year-old boy may have a future in Formula One.

On Saturday, the child crashed into two parked cars in Utrecht’s central city before fleeing the scene in his pyjamas and bare feet, according to police. After seeing him walking down the street alone in the cold, concerned bystanders called the cops. No one was injured in the incident, and police claimed on Instagram that they had discovered a “new Max Verstappen.”

When his father went to work on Saturday, the child awoke and took his mother’s car keys “to go for a drive,” according to police.

A report of an abandoned vehicle near-by, which appeared to have hit two parked cars, came in after officers were dispatched to pick him up.

According to the police, it was registered to the boy’s mother, and officers contacted her. When police handed the phone to the child, he allegedly imitated driving and made steering wheel gestures. “We then realised that the child could have been the driver,” continued the Instagram post.

Before being reunited with his mother, the four-year-old was given some hot chocolate and a teddy bear at the police station.

They went to the accident scene together, and he was asked if he could demonstrate how the car worked.

According to police, the child opened the car with the key, put it in the ignition, and moved his foot to the clutch and gas pedals. His mother described him as “resourceful.”

Officers advised the parents to keep their car keys hidden from their children in the future. Police wrote in the post, “New Max Verstappen found in (the Utrecht suburb of) Overvecht,” referring to the current Dutch Formula One world champion driver. “Fortunately, this mini driver’s adventure came to a satisfying conclusion,” police said.

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The European country of Netherlands has decided to reimpose certain Covid-19 restrictions, in order to address the threat posed by the fresh rise in the number of Covid-19 cases in that part of the world.

The newly imposed restrictions mean many residents in the Netherlands will, for the first time, be forced to wear a face mask in shops.

It is believed that the latest measures will help the country to overcome a second coronavirus wave.

The Netherlands is one of the few countries in the continent of Europe which is not a fan of stricter restrictions.

At present, the daily infection average rate stands at 3,000 cases per day.

The total population of the country is around 17 million. It indicates that the status is highly problematic and depressing.

While speaking to media personals, Netherlands Health Minister Hugo de Jong said they were doing their best but the virus was doing better.

In a press conference, Netherlands Prime Minister Mark Rutte explained that the situation in the country’s three largest cities – Amsterdam, Rotterdam and The Hague – had become serious and required urgent action.

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A special court set up in the Netherlands to handle the murder case of former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri is expected to announce its verdict on the case in the near future.

Originally, there were five accused in the case. One of them, who was a senior commander in Hezbollah, died in the year 2016.

The rest of them has been tried in absentia.

Lawyer who have appeared for the accused have defended their clients, saying that the case was based purely on circumstantial evidence and there was nothing to prove the involvement of their clients in the case beyond the scope of doubt.

The whereabouts of the accused have not yet been released by the court. At present, only their names have been publicised.

The incident actually took place in the year 2005. It has taken almost fifteen years for the court to wind-up its procedure.

The son of the deceased ex-PM, who was also an ex-PM, is expected to attend the court on the day it announces its verdict over the case.

The timing of this verdict is important. The murder of Mr. Hariri was the one which changed the course of the verdict. Now, at the time the Lebanese government is facing its biggest crisis triggered by a surprise bomb blast in the capital city, the verdict may prove as an additional burden over the already embattled government.

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The European country of the Netherlands has announced few guidelines for single people, in response to the allegation that the country did little to address the concerns of those with no partner.

The country has advised single people to come to an arrangement with one other person.

Anyway, single persons have been advised to respect the measured imposed by the country to curb the spread of the Covid-19 outbreak.

Since 23rd March, the country is under lockdown. The lockdown imposed by Netherlands is way different from the same imposed in other countries in that part of the world.

The guidelines of the Netherlands in connection with single persons have received mixed reviews. Some – mostly youngsters – have welcomed the announcement.

It is believed that other European countries may also come up with similar guidelines in the coming days.

The Netherlands’ guidelines have received global attention. Many across the world has expressed surprise in the announcement made by the European country.

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A talk convened for European Union finance ministers on how to help those European countries badly affected by the coronavirus epidemic – especially those in the southern region of the continent – have collapsed in the last moment.

As per a latest statement made by the European Central Bank, the European Union may need up to €1.5tn to tackle the crisis.

The talk has stalled as a severe dispute has emerged between the Southern European country of Italy and the Northern European country of the Netherlands – which is comparatively less affected by the epidemic – over how to apply the recovery fund.

As per a latest report, the negotiation process is likely to resume in few hours, as the EU is keen to find a solution to the issue as early as possible.

Earlier, a senior European minister expressed his doubt about the longevity of the economic union. He warned of serious consequences.

The union has not yet responded to any criticism. It has recently reaffirmed its commitment towards its member countries, saying that it would come up with the solution to the present crisis soon.

Whether this crisis will lead to the collapse of the decades-old union is yet to be seen.

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