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EU border authorities claim that Greece ignored their offer to send an aircraft to watch over a migrant boat that ultimately sunk with a large number of casualties.

The UN estimates that 500 more people may have perished in the event last week, but at least 82 deaths are confirmed to have occurred.

Greece has come under fire for not doing enough to address the catastrophe.

The BBC also discovered that, contrary to the Greek narrative that the migrant boat was on a safe, steady route, it barely moved in the hours before it capsized.

The overloaded fishing boat had left Libya and was first seen early on June 13 sailing toward Greece in international seas.

It was discovered by a Frontex (the EU’s border agency) jet, which subsequently required refuelling.

The Greek coast guard, according to Frontex, never responded to its offer to send the plane back to the fishing boat to keep an eye on the situation.

The Greek government has refuted accusations that they failed to respond to the disaster as it was unfolding soon enough, maintaining that people on board informed the coastguards they wanted to be left alone so they could travel to Italy.

Contrary to the official story, a BBC study of other ships’ movements on the tragedy day clearly shows the ship barely moved for at least seven hours before it capsized.

The Greek coastguard has not responded to the most recent allegation that it did not accept Frontex’s offer of further aerial assistance.

The boat reportedly capsized about 02:04 on June 14 local time, some 80 kilometres (50 miles) south-west of the seaside town Pylos.

Although more than 100 people were saved, survivors believe that there may have been as many as 750 people on the boat, including about 100 children in the hold.

At least 350 Pakistanis were on board, according to Pakistan’s interior minister Rana Sanaullah, who also noted that “perhaps there has never been such a large toll in any incident before, even in terrorist incidents.”

Syrians and Egyptians are among those thought to be deceased as well.

Nine Egyptian men were charged with negligent manslaughter, endangering life, creating a shipwreck, and people trafficking when they appeared in court in the Greek city of Kalamata on Monday.

All entered not-guilty pleas.

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After Polish lawmakers established a new commission that might prevent persons with ties to Russia from holding public office, the EU threatened to take action against Poland.

The committee, which was approved by Poland’s parliament last week, will look into alleged Russian meddling between 2007 and 2022. However, detractors assert that the panel, which will be predominated by members of the administration, is meant to criticise opposition leader and former prime minister Donald Tusk.

Didier Reynders, the EU’s justice commissioner, stated that the panel was of “special concern.”

Anyone found guilty of acting under “Russian influence” will be subject to a 10-year ban from managing public finances, effectively preventing them from holding public office.It will look at gas agreements made with Russia in particular since the government claims they made the nation unduly dependent on Moscow.

According to sources, the 10-member panel might present its initial report as early as September and is predicted to be controlled by lawmakers from the ruling Law and Justice Party (PiS).

The EU Commission “will analyse the legislation and will not hesitate to take measures if it is needed,” Mr. Reynders told reporters in Brussels.

Without actual access to justice, including the ability to challenge an administrative decision before an impartial court, he continued, “it is impossible to agree on such a system.”

MPs from the opposition Civic Platform Party are concerned that the probe, which will focus on their party’s final period in office from 2007 to 2015, will try to undermine support for Mr. Tusk, who was prime minister at the time.

Despite not being a member of parliament, Mr. Tusk is now the party’s chairman and leader. He is anticipated to run against Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki in elections later this year.

Krzysztof Brejza, the parliamentary leader of Civic Platform, referred to the new committee as a “Soviet-style idea” and charged that the administration had “organised a witch hunt against Donald Tusk and eliminated him” prior to the election.

Mark Brzezinski, the US ambassador to Poland, expressed his concern that the commission would “reduce voters’ ability to vote for those they want to vote for” on Monday. However, Mr. Morawiecki has defended the bill and charged Mr. Tusk with harbouring a secret.

Nothing should be feared, Mr. Morawiecki remarked, adding: “Why is this valued opposition of ours, especially Mr. Tusk, so terrified of a commission to verify Russian influence?

An ongoing dispute between Warsaw and the EU over judicial reforms resulted in the suspension of billions of euros in aid to Poland in January. Additionally, PiS has been charged with curtailing other civil liberties, including as press freedom, and opposition lawmakers claim Poland risks becoming an authoritarian state if the government is re-elected.

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The European country of Russia and the communist country of China have asked the United Nations to free the iron curtain country of North Korea from the clutches of economic sanctions.

All talks, conducted so far between the US and North Korea to bring peace to the Korean peninsula, have gone unsuccessful.

Russia and China are close partners of North Korea. They always stand with their all-time partner.

The International sanctions make it difficult for Beijing and Moscow to support Pyongyang – which is at present under a severe economic crisis.

Though China and Russia demand a complete removal of sanctions, if the UN gives a slight relaxation to North Korean’s coal, iron, iron ore and textile exports, they may agree without pushing anything further.

North Korea recently upgraded its nuclear capacity further. It asked the US to come up with a feasible agreement within this year.

Actually, Russia and Chine present the new demand as a humanitarian concern. The demand is presented as an effort to improve the standard of living of the people of the iron curtain country of North Korea.

It is yet to see whether the issue will be viewed though humanitarian angle or through security angle by the United Nations – more accurately, the other core members of the UN.

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A new statement made by France President Emanuel Macron clearly indicates that the European country of France is unhappy with the protectionist attitude of the United States of America.

As the NATO members are at the doorstep of a crucial meeting, the statement made by France is of great importance.

Beneath the statement lies a clear message that France no longer trusts the security offered by the US.

Its advice for Europe is crystal clear. It wants to see a European army formed, against the interest of the NATO leader.

The root of the crisis lies in the disinterest of the US to use its money for the betterment of the NATO and to engage more with its NATO allies.

The change of attitude was evident when the US reduced its spending on the NATO budget imposing pressure on its allies to spend more on the said budget and when it decided to pull out its force from Syria, paving way for the aggression of Turkey, without discussing the decision with its NATO partners.

Though Germany’s decision on this matter is not different, it is not that adamant as that of its neighbour.

Undisputedly, a European army is a German dream too.

From an aggressive China and an unpredictable Russia to a protective US, Germany and France are no short of reason for the consideration of their dream plan.

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The bilateral relation between France and Turkey has hit a new low, with the latter calling the former terrorist sponsor.

A senior official from Turkey said France was supporting terrorist groups. He has also triggered several other allegations against France.

The Turkey official’s statement against France has come days after the European superpower hosted an official from the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Force.

Turkey considers some of the organisations led by the Kurds as terrorist groups. The organisation hosted by France is very close to some of the organisations which Turkey considers as terrorist groups.

The France-Turkey issue is not a new thing. France was one of the first European powers which came forward openly against Turkey strongly with the latter attacked some Kurdish controlled regions in Syria in the name of creating a safe space for the Syrian migrants who were displaced from their homeland due to the Syrian War.

France has not yet responded to the provocative statement made by Turkey. The European superpower is likely to respond in the same manner.

If the things progress this way, the scheduled NATO meeting, going to take place in the UK in the near future, is less likely to be smooth.

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In a worst accident caused to the French army, as many as thirteen soldiers have died in a helicopter accident in Mali.

The accident has happened when at least two helicopters have collided each other during a military operation.

French President Emanuel Macron has expressed his deep sorrow in the accident that has taken the lives of thirteen of his soldiers.

An investigation has been launched by the French government in this matter. Not any time in the recent past, the French army has experienced anything like this in the soil of Mali.

Several thousands of French army personals are now in Mali to support the Mali government force in its fight against militant groups.

The investigative authority will investigate all the possibilities.

Mali is not the only region which runs with the support of this European superpower. Many other countries in the region, such as Niger, Chad, Burkina Faso, Mauritania and Niger, enjoy the support of the French army.

At this moment, it remains unclear whether the French army will alter its policy on the deployment of its military personals in the African region in the wake of this development.

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The western powers, such as the US, UK, Germany and France, are closely observing the developments in the Asian city of Hong Kong.

For the last few months, the city has been struggling under the clutches of violence. Several people have lost their life due to violence in the city.

Recently, an elderly man, who was working as a cleaning staff, lost his life when he accidently trapped between two protesting groups aggressively throwing stones against each other. He was struck by a stone. He later succumbed to his injuries while undergoing treatment in a hospital.

Similarly, a young protester has lost his life last week when he had fallen from a building while resisting a police action.

Protesters say that as the police use fatal weapons against them they find it important to upgrade the materials they use for their defence.

What the streets of the city have been witnessing for the last few days has been nothing less than an aggressive street war between the police and the protesters.

When the police have used real bullets against the protesters, the latter has increased the effectiveness of their defence materials, like petrol bombs and stones, considerably.

With China not ready to pay heed to what its integral part has to say, it is up to the west to decide whether this city deserves peace or not.

The west earlier urged the Asian country of China to take a humanitarian stand on the issue concerning to the city of Hong Kong.

What has China repeatedly proved is the country is not ready to consider the Hong Kong issue through the prism shown to them by the west.

Actually, the west is the backbone of the Hong Kong economy. For that reason, the opinion of the west on the issue cannot be dismissed that easily.

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French President Emanuel Macron has lashed out at the US-led NATO. He has called it a dead brain.

He has expressed his doubt on whether the US is still committed towards the North Atlatic Treaty Organisation or not.

He has alleged that the US had not consulted its European allies when they had pulled out the NATO troopers stationed in Syria.

Interestingly, Vladimir Putin’s Russia has supported the statement delivered by the French President.

Meanwhile, Germany has strongly denounced the statement made by its friendly neighbour, who is a prominent member of the European Union like the Europe’s most wealthy nation.

What France’s statement indicates is a clear shift in the way France sees the world’s most powerful country. It also speaks a lot about France’s disinterest towards the US’ present political style.

Anyway, the NATO has declined to speak anything about what has been triggered against it by France.

But, it has indirectly said that the organisation is very strong at this moment and will remain strong in the future also.

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Centre-left candidate Alberto Fernandez has won the Argentinean presidential election, defeating his centre-right rival, Mauricio Macri, who is the incumbent president.

The election result proves that the people of the country is unhappy with the economic crisis into which the country has fallen and they have found the promises made by the centre-left, especially on the matter of economy, reliable.

The centre-left leader has won more than forty-five per cent votes.

The result was not that surprising one. The anti-incumbency factor was very high in the state.

Most poll experts have predicted in favour of the regime change.

The regime change is expected to have a serious political impact in the entire Latin American region in the long run.

Argentina is one of the main countries in the region. It has significant influence on many countries in the region.

The regime change indicates the Europe and the US will no longer have free access to the policy making structure of this country.

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The representatives, who were sent by the European Union and the United Kingdom, have reached a new Brexit deal. UK President Boris Johnson has called the deal as great.

The deal needs the assent of both the European Union parliament and the United Kingdom parliament.

The DUP, the party based in the Ireland region of the UK, has expressed its disagreement with the new deal.

It has declined to give its support to the bill. The party is likely to vote against the bill in the British parliament.

The UK is nearing a deadline given to reach a Brexit deal with the EU and get it passed its parliament.

Day by day, the pressure over the present UK government is increasing. The UK PM is very keen to reach a deal with the EU over the matter of Brexit as soon as possible.

The DUP has a considerable amount of strength in the British parliament. But, it is not as powerful as to get the deal defeated singlehandedly.

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