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Macron to interfere in Belarus issue

French President Emmanuel Macron is likely to interfere in the Belarus issue. Recently, he has promised to help mediate in Belarus. The country has been witnessing protest since Alexander Lukashenko was re-elected as the President of the country. The European Union has declared that it would
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France: Macron’s party lost majority in parliament

La République, the political party of French President Emmanuel Macron, has lost its majority in the parliament, as some of its parliamentarians have severed their ties with the party. The political party, named Ecology, Democracy, Solidarity, is founded by seven MPs from La République en Marche. The political party enjoys the support of many ex-supporters […]
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France, Germany agree to offer recovery fund

The European countries of France and Germany has finally agreed to the demand of the southern countries of the Europe to create a recovery fund to help the continent overcome the economic slowdown caused due to the measures taken to curb the spread of the Covid-19 outbreak. The powerful countries of the north have unanimously […]

Coronavirus outbreak: France criticises China

The European country of France has strongly criticised the Asian country of China – where the disastrous coronavirus outbreak originated several months ago – for the way the Asian country has handled the virus outbreak, a day after a Chinese official website stated the European country left its elderly population in its care homes to […]

World commemorates victims of Nazi invasion

The victims of the Nazi invasion and several world leaders have gathered in Auschwitz to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the liberation of the prisons from the deathly concentration camp set up by the Nazi and its collaborators in the Polish city. In a function organised to mark the 75th anniversary, French President Emanuel Macron […]