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Lockdown to remain in Italy till Easter

The European country of Italy, one of the worst coronavirus affected countries in the continent of Europe, has extended its lockdown until Easter. A ray of hope has emerged in Italy lately – like the one emerged in Spain recently, as a sharp decline in the infection rate has been reported

Italy still not recovered

With around 475 deaths, the death toll in Italy due to the coronavirus outbreak has crossed the mark of 3000 already. The high death rate due to the virus outbreak in Italy is said to be due to the existence of the high number of elderly persons in the country. Italy has already initiated several […]
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Italy advises people to stay at home

The European country of Italy has advised its people to stay at their home due to the fear of the coronavirus outbreak, which reached the continent from China – which is situated in the continent of Asia. In the country of Italy, the total death toll due to the outbreak has crossed the mark of […]
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Coronavirus: Death toll crosses 197 in Italy

The total death toll due to the coronavirus has crossed around 197 in the European country of Italy. Unfortunately, as many as 49 cases have been reported in the country in the last 24 hours. The latest development gives serious worry to the European country, which experiences the worst side of the outbreak at this […]

Coronavirus outbreak: Spanish hotel quarantined

A hotel situated in Canary Island in Spain has been quarantined as a doctor, who reached the hotel recently, has been tested positive for coronavirus. The doctor came from Lombardy, the Italian region which is battling with the disease outbreak. The hotel authority has advised the visitors to stay in their respective rooms. At this […]

China’s coronavirus places world in crisis

The coronavirous breakout has left the world in a difficult situation. Many western countries are in a confused state. Many are not clear how they should handle those who return from the affected country. Australia has launched a plan to quarantine the returnees in an Island away from the mainland. The country is expected to […]