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UK PM to visit India

The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Boris Johnson, is set to visit the Asian country of India in the near future.

Mr. Johnson is expected to reach the Asian country in the coming January.

The visit has many angles. The visit is vital in many ways. The announcement has come at the time the UK is preparing to leave the European Union.

The visit is expected to decide the depth of the relation between the European powerhouse and the Asian superpower post the Brexit.

At this moment, there is no clarity about the topics that will be discussed in the scheduled meeting between the leaders of the two powerful countries. It is said that climate change, and trade and investment will be the main areas of the said discussion.

India is one of the close partners of the UK in the Asian region. It is vital for the UK to improve its relation with India to address the post-Brexit crisis brilliantly.

This is the first time Mr. Johnson has announced his decision to visit the Asian country since he was appointed to the seat of power.

Mr. Johnson is the successor of Theresa May, who lost her position as she failed to get her Brexit plan cleared in the UK Parliament.

It is yet to be seen how the UK will address the uncertainties of the post-Brexit Kingdom.   

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