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Turkey reenters into energy dispute with Greece

The European country of Turkey has reentered into a serious energy dispute with its European neighbor, Greece.

Turkey has once against sent its research ship to the disputed waters located near Greece.

Earlier, it withdrew the vessel after the presence of the ship had triggered a dispute.

The disputed waters in the Mediterranean situated near Greece and Turkey is claimed by Turkey, Greece and Cyprus.

It was for the task of surveying that the vessel was sent to the disputed waters last time.

At this moment, it remains unclear why the ship has been sent to the disputed territory this time.

It was after the three European countries reached an agreement that the issue was put to rest at least temporarily.

Other western countries like Germany and France is expected to interfere in the issue.

As per the latest statement released by the Turkey government, the ship will remain in the disputed water for at least ten days.

It is learned that the ship has been sent as part of the research program launched by the Navy force of the European country of Turkey.

There are rumors that at least two other ships will be sent along with the said ship this time to support the research activity.

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