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Sea- A poem on suicide myth

Further from far the sky and water melt into unison the blue sky high and the sparkling blue beneath soft water, silk to my toes, thick golden land beneath, my heart merry. Water, the water wet my feet, smooth batter beneath, sweet smell of water fading. Sky turns shades deeper, sinking to the

Dr. Shashi Tharoor: The Ideal Parliamentarian

Dr. Shashi Tharoor’s bio on his ever-buzzing Twitter page reads ‘MP for Thiruvananthapuram, Author of 20 books, Former Minister of State, Govt of India, Former Under-Secretary General, United Nations’. The order is questionable. While his credentials as a bestselling author or a prolific career in the international body are well established, his modern-day political hat
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Minneapolis to dismantle local police

The Minneapolis City Council has agreed to restructure the local police department – which faces serious criticisms over its attitude towards the black community of the city. Recently, an unarmed black man was killed by a white police officer in the city. The incident triggered several waves of protests across the country. The decision to […]

Lockdown to remain in Italy till Easter

The European country of Italy, one of the worst coronavirus affected countries in the continent of Europe, has extended its lockdown until Easter. A ray of hope has emerged in Italy lately – like the one emerged in Spain recently, as a sharp decline in the infection rate has been reported from the country. The […]

Russia appears confident amidst coronavirus outbreak

Russian president Vladimir Putin, it seems, is eager to show the world that nothing much has changed in his country due to the coronavirus outbreak. He has confidently attended several official functions scheduled, at the time his counterparts in Europe have chosen to remain private as possible. Behind the confidence, there is an unsaid reality. […]