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Russia arrests Volga Maniac

Finally, marking an end to the unpleasant suspense, the Russian police have arrested a serial killer, known by the name Volga Maniac. The police have got a breakthrough after it announced a huge reward. The criminal is suspected to have murdered as many as 26 women. The majority of his victims

One killed, two injured in stab attack in Norway

A middle-aged woman has been killed and two other ladies injured in a series of stabbing attacks which has taken place in the European country of Norway. The first incident of stabbing was reported from the Norwegian city of Sarpsborg. The second and third were reported from the same location. The police alerted the locals […]
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Scandinavian tourist murder : Death penalty for three

Three Islamic State group supporters,Abdessamad Ejjoud, Younes Ouaziyad and Rachid Afatti, have been sentenced to death for murdering two Scandinavian hikers in Morocco. The three follow petitions on social media calling for their execution. The murder has been done since these men wanted to impress Islamic State. They confessed to the murder at a court […]