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The surge in gang-related violence, including shootings and bombings, once confined to Sweden’s major cities, has now spilled into quieter suburbs and towns, challenging the nation’s reputation for safety. Upplands-Bro, a community north of Stockholm, has witnessed a series of incidents, including the tragic death of a 14-year-old boy in August and multiple shootings and bombings since January.

The shift in violence from impoverished urban areas is attributed, in part, to gangs targeting the relatives of their rivals. Law enforcement suspects that some of the recent violence is coordinated by criminal leaders based in other countries, such as Turkey and Serbia. The toll has been significant, with nearly 50 fatalities and over 140 explosions in 2023 alone, surpassing the previous year’s record of over 60 deaths from gun violence.

Gangs have evolved beyond street-level criminal activities, forming connections with higher-level criminals. Innocent bystanders, including a 70-year-old man and a 24-year-old teacher, have fallen victim to the violence. Prime Minister Ulf Kristersson acknowledged the severity of the situation in a rare national address, promising stricter penalties for deadly violence.

Children as young as 13 or 14 are being recruited into gangs through promises of money and designer clothes on social media. Concerned individuals are taking action, organizing street patrols in affected areas. Community engagement, like night walks and support for families affected by violence, is seen as a way to enhance safety.

In areas like Jarva, where unemployment rates are high, individuals like Libaane Warsame have taken it upon themselves to patrol the streets after losing a family member to gun violence. Despite a lack of fatal shootings this year, residents remain on edge.

The rise in gang violence has prompted the government to reevaluate immigration policies. The right-wing coalition government, elected in 2022, believes that the increase in violence is linked to past immigration policies. Steps include making it harder for immigrants outside the EU to receive social benefits and introducing compulsory preschool to improve Swedish-language skills in certain areas. Legislation against recruiting children for criminal activities has been enacted, and plans for stop-and-search zones and increased prison sentences for offenses, such as gun crimes and explosions, are in progress.

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A recent spate of bomb threats in France has led to the arrest of 18 individuals, predominantly minors, involved in the disruptive activities. The threats have targeted significant landmarks such as the Palace of Versailles and the Louvre, along with schools, airports, and hospitals.

These incidents follow the recent stabbing of a teacher in Arras. Despite the heightened tension, the authorities maintain that there is no immediate specific threat. The bomb scares have been communicated through phone calls, emails, and a dedicated website.

Justice Minister Éric Dupond-Moretti has warned the culprits of the consequences they will face, as authorities employ various means, including IP addresses and phone numbers, to track them down. Perpetrating a fake bomb threat in France constitutes a punishable offense with potential imprisonment of up to three years and a fine of €45,000 (£39,000).

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According to police, a suspect has been apprehended for murder after at least three persons were discovered dead in Nottingham.

Officers said in a statement on Tuesday that a 31-year-old man was detained in the city on suspicion of murder after a van attempted to run over three others.

Initially, two persons were discovered dead in the city core. Police were summoned to another incident near where a van attempted to run over three persons shortly after 4 a.m. local time (03:00 GMT). They are receiving medical attention in a hospital.

Another man was discovered dead in a different road close outside the city core.

“This is a horrific and tragic incident that has taken three lives,” Chief Constable Kate Meynell said in a statement.

“We believe these three incidents are connected, and we have a suspect in custody.” “This investigation is still in its early stages, and a team of detectives is working to determine exactly what happened,” she continued.

“At this time, a number of roads in the city will remain closed as this investigation progresses,” she added.

According to Al Jazeera’s Nadim Baba, reporting from London, the local tram network has ceased all operations, however other modes of transportation remain operational.

“The police have not given us any more details about any motives of the suspect,” he added.

“Awful news for our city to wake up to today,” Nottingham politician Alex Norris tweeted. “Our community’s thoughts and prayers are with all those who have been affected.”

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Finally, marking an end to the unpleasant suspense, the Russian police have arrested a serial killer, known by the name Volga Maniac.

The police have got a breakthrough after it announced a huge reward.

The criminal is suspected to have murdered as many as 26 women. The majority of his victims are elderly women. The murders have been committed to robe valuables from the victims.  

The suspect is a 38-year-old man. He is a locksmith by profession. He is a known criminal. He is known to the police as a thief.

The suspect has attained the name Volga Maniac as the crimes have been committed in the regions along Volga River.

The investigation is underway. The suspect has been questioned by the Russian police. The police is expected to come up with a press release regarding the matter soon.

It is with the support of forensic research and biological analysis the initial breakthrough in the case have been achieved.

The suspect is alleged to have gained access to the homes of the victims by posing as a utility worker, before using objects such as dressing-gown cords and electricity cables to strangle them.

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A middle-aged woman has been killed and two other ladies injured in a series of stabbing attacks which has taken place in the European country of Norway.

The first incident of stabbing was reported from the Norwegian city of Sarpsborg. The second and third were reported from the same location.

The police alerted the locals as soon as they were informed about the incident.

A 31 year old man, who is a citizen of Norway, has been booked in connection with the attacks. The police are verifying whether the person has any serious mental issues. As per a preliminary report, the culprit is a person who has a bad criminal history.

It is learned that the accused had a relationship with at least two of the three women who suffered his stabs.

What makes the case complicated is that the woman who was killed by the man had no relationship with the man.

The condition of one of the two injured women is serious. The condition of the other is not too severe and is recovering.  

This case is one of the most heinous crimes reported from the region in the recent history.

Norway is not a crime prone region. It is very peaceful, compared to other countries located in this part of the world.

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A renowned Austrian Olympic judo champion, Peter Seisenbacher, who won two Olympic gold medals in the year 1984 and the year 1988, has been awarded a tough sentence of five years imprisonment for abusing two of his students while working as a coach.

The incidents led to the cases happened in 1990s and 2000s. The victims were children then.

The court has found no reason to disbelief the statements given by the victims.

The trial was supposed to begin in the year 2016 itself. But, it was delayed as he briefly disappeared prior to the scheduled date. Later, he surfaced from his hiding in Georgia and fled to Ukraine. Only few months has passed since he was handed over to Austria by Ukraine.

He denied all allegations triggered against him.

As per the judgement, the Olympian will have the right to approach a higher court challenging the verdict delivered by the present court.

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As many as sixteen people have been awarded death sentence in connection with the infamous Nusrat Jahan Rafi case by a court in Bangladesh.

The court earlier found them guilty of the gruesome murder.

The verdict is the victory of the west. It is the western countries which has imposed pressure to the Asian country to investigate the case in a proper manner.

It is the most brutal crime the country has witnessed in the recent past. Unlike most other cases of similar nature, this case has been fined in a short span of time.

The family members of the victim have welcomed the verdict delivered by the Bangladesh court.

The Nusrat Jahan case is different in many ways. It is her reluctance to withdraw a complaint she levelled against her headmaster that prompted the perpetrators of the crime to kill her by setting her ablaze. She was a brave girl. She stood with the truth till her last breadth. Her death statement was recorded and leaked to media.

The case of Nusrat Jahan spared a wide spread movement in the Asian country – as well as across the world.

Women safety in Bangladesh is a serious issue. It is one of the few countries where the women safety index is very low. 

In a recent survey conducted in the Bangladesh garment industry – which employs a large number of the women population of the country, it was found that at least 80 per cent of the Garment factory workers in the country experienced some forms of sexual harassment at their workplace.

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Gary Ray Bowles (57) a serial killer who killed gay men along the US east coast has reportedly been executed in Florida.

The Supreme court has rejected a last-ditch appeal an he was executed by lethal injection.

Bowles admitted in killing 6 men from Florida to Maryland in 1994. He was only convicted for three deaths.

He was known as “I-95 killer” and the bodies of most of his preys were found near interstate corridor that spans the entire eastern seaboard of the US.

Reports said that Bowles had left his home when he was a child and worked as a prostitute to gay men for a few years. After that he started his killing spree.

He had also been jailed for grand theft, robbery, assault and rape and then moved to Daytona Beach in 1993.

Reports said that he was living with his girl friend during this time and she left him after finding out about his sex work.

Daytona Beach News-Journal said that since 1976 when the death penalty was restored by the Supreme Court, Bowles is the 99th inmate to be put to death in Florida.

The Death Penalty Information Center says that Bowles is the 13th person to be executed in the US so far this year.

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After the mass attack in US, President Donald Trump said that has said “hate has no place” in the US.

29 people were killed in the deadly shootings over the weekend, in between the accusations that he bears some responsibility.

20 were dead in an attack in Texas and 9 died in a shooting in Ohio. In Texas, the attack happened on a Walmart store in El Paso.

In a statement regarding these severe attacks, President Mr Trump said, “perhaps more has to be done” to stop these kind of attacks.

Donald Trump is being criticized on regards of his anti-immigrant acts and opposition to gun control.

The mass shooting in Texas, that happened on Saturday killed 20. The 21 year old man, who got arrested for this attack is reportedly believed to give an online post that tells this attack was a response to “the Hispanic invasion” of the state.

The motive of the killer who caused the attack in Ohio is not yet clear. The man killed his sister and eight others on Sunday, and was hot dead by the police.

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Ekaterina Karaglanova, a famous Instagram influencer has been found dead in a suitcase in her rented apartment in Moscow. The police said that several wounds with knife has been seen in her body.

Karaglanova (24) was a graduate doctor by profession, and was immensely popular in social media personally. She was quite famous in Instagram with more than 85,000 followers.

Police said that the possible motive of her murder could be jealousy, and the investigations are going on. Moskovsky Komsomolets (MK), a Russian daily said that Karaglanova has recently started a new relationship and was on a plan to visit The Netherlands for a vacation and to celebrate her birthday on 30 July.

No symptoms of struggle had been found out from her apartment, said the police after a primary investigation. Also, no weapons were found out from the spot.

Her parents tried contacting her, but failed. This lead to the doubts regarding her missing. They had requested her landlord to check her apartment, and then he found a suitcase containing her body in the hallway.

Her father requested for an ambulance, but she was already dead, reports said.

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