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The EU officials meet in Brussels for offering Theresa May a delay for Brexit beyond March 29. Reports says that a condition was put forward that she can finally win over her many opponents in parliament next week.

The European Council president Donald Tusk had delivered a statement on Brexit ahead of the EU summit in Brussels, reports reuters. Theresa May could not unite her divided cabinet, parliament or nation behind her exit plan, since around three years after Britons narrowly voted in a referendum to leave the EU.

May had asked EU to postpone Brexit until June 30, since she needed time to secure a deal in parliament and avoid an abrupt departure next week that could spell economic chaos.

In a letter inviting all 28 EU national leaders to Brussels talks, the summit chairman Donald Tusk said, “We could consider a short extension conditional on a positive vote on the Withdrawal Agreement in the House of Commons”.

It is expected that any delay must be approved by all the other 27 national EU leaders, increasingly exasperated with Britain’s inability to find a way of a domestic political deadlock that is weighing heavily on the whole bloc.

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British Prime minister Theresa May will not be asking the EU for a longer extension. It is reported that the PM will only ask for a short extension to article 50 delaying Brexit by less than three months.

A dispute had occured among pro-leave cabinet ministers and MPs that threatened her premiership. It is reported that the delay would not be beyond the end of June.

Theresa May was intended to agree a longer extension with the EU involving European parliamentary elections if her withdrawal agreement did not pass by Wednesday.

Iain Duncan Smith a former Tory leader and a prominent Brexiteer had said that 90% of Conservative MPs would vote against a longer delay and ignoring their views would leave the party in “deep trouble”.

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PM Teresa May is defeated for a second time by the rejection of Brexit deal by the British MPs. 242 parliament members voted in favor and 391 rejected the deal. It is for the second time that May’s Brexit deal is being rejected by the British Parliament. Last time, 432 members had voted against the deal.

The European Union had said no deal plans were “more important than ever” after the defeat. Various EU leaders expressed their distress after
MPs voted to reject Mrs May’s deal.

Teresa May is expected to try for a third time to get parliamentary support. The defeat of May, this time can be considered to be smaller than the last on in January, with a record 230-votes that rejected the proposal.

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Stephen Barclay, the Brexit Secretary has accused the EU’s chief negotiator Michel Bernard Barnier, of trying “to rerun old arguments”. Michel Barnier said that Britain would be free to leave the proposed single customs territory which is designed to avoid physical border on the Irish border.

This is rejected by the Government and the DUP, since the Northern Ireland would have to remain within it. The UK had “put forward clear new proposals” said Barclay.

The Parliament has yet to agree the terms of withdrawal, but The UK is due to leave on 29 March. The UK and EU have been arguing over the contentious issue of the Irish backstop. This is to prevent the checking on the border between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.

In some Tweets, Mr Barnier said the UK would not be forced into a customs union against its will through the Northern Ireland backstop. “With a very real deadline looming, now is not the time to rerun old arguments. The UK has put forward clear new proposals. We now need to agree a balanced solution that can work for both sides.”, Tweeted Barclay.

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The British Prime Minister Theresa May has suffered yet another embarrassing defeat after MPs voted down her approach to Brexit talks. On Thursday the MPs voted by 303 to 258 – a majority of 45 – against a motion endorsing the government’s negotiating strategy, the BBC reported. The lawmakers remain resistant to May’s EU divorce plan. The reason for this situation is that Teresa May has lost the support of many of the long standing leave campaigners in her own party.

The defeat has no legal force. Downing Street said that it would not change the PM’s approach to talks with the EU. “On a point of order, tonight’s vote shows there is no majority for the Prime Minister’s cause of action in dealing with Brexit. Yet again her government has been defeated. The government keep on ignoring parliament or plaving on towards the 29th of March without a co-hearing plan.” said Jeremy Corbyn.

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After Brexit Humiliation, British PM Theresa May survives the Confidence Vote. MPs voted 325 to 306 that they had confidence in May’s Government. The Brexit deal proposed by Theresa May, regarding Britain’s exit from European Union was not a success.

This situation lead to a lack of confidence in continuing May’s government. She must now return to Parliament on Monday to present lawmakers with some sort of “Plan B” for exiting the 28-member union.

The decision regarding Britain’s exit from European Union has to be made within 29th of March. Britain has to give a huge amount to EU as per the agreement. Britain claims for the exit from EU without the agreement, and this is would lead to great complications. It is expected that Theresa May would be leaving to Brasil for discussions regarding this.S

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