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The Nobel Peace Prize has been given to a jailed activist from Belarus as well as two organisations from Russia and Ukraine for promoting democracy and human rights. As a rebuke to two authoritarian governments, the choice to honour Ales Bialiatsky, Russia’s Memorial, and the Ukrainian Center for Civil Liberties.

In December of last year, Russia forcibly closed Memorial in advance of Vladimir Putin’s decision to invade Ukraine. Alexander Lukashenko protests led to the imprisonment of Bialiatsky. The CCL of Ukraine has kept tabs on political repression and atrocities committed in regions of the nation that Russia has invaded or annexed.

All three had made “an excellent effort to expose war crimes, human rights abuses, and the misuse of power,” according to Berit Reiss-Andersen, head of the Norwegian Nobel Committee, who spoke to reporters.

She responded that the Nobel prize was always given “for something and to somebody and not against anyone” when asked if the committee was making a statement to Russia’s president on the occasion of his 70th birthday.

Belarus’s long-time ruler is a close ally of President Putin. After a re-election in 2020 that was widely condemned as rigged, he brutally cracked down on protesters and then allowed Russian forces to use his country as a launchpad in its war against Ukraine.

Ales Bialiatsky, 60, established the civil rights organisation Viasna, which is Belarusian for spring, in 1996, two years after Mr. Lukashenko took office. He was first imprisoned in 2011, and last year, he was again incarcerated without being given a reason. He is one of the 1,348 individuals that Viasna claims are being imprisoned as political prisoners in Belarus at the moment.

Svetlana Tikhanovskaya, an exiled opposition activist, hailed the Nobel committee for “recognising all Belarusians struggling for freedom and democracy,” and Natallia Pinchuk, Bialiatsky’s wife, said she was “overwhelmed with emotion.”

A spokesman for the Minsk foreign ministry claimed that Alfred Nobel was “turning in his grave” as a result of the awarding of the Nobel Peace Prize to Bialiatsky.

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A Belarusian court sentenced a Russian student to six years in prison, one year after she and her dissident journalist partner were detained and arrested on a Ryanair flight. Sofia Sapega and Roman Protasevich were on their way to Lithuania when their flight was forced to land in Minsk.

The case prompted widespread condemnation and new sanctions against Alexander Lukashenko’s government. She was found guilty of inciting social enmity and discord by the court.She was also found guilty of illegally gathering and disseminating information about an unnamed person’s private life without his permission.The anger was sparked by Mr Lukashenko’s election to a sixth term in office in a rigged presidential election, according to the opposition.

Mr. Lukashenko denied the election was rigged and retaliated against the opposition, whose leaders were imprisoned or forced to flee the country.

Mr. Lukashenko denied the election was rigged and retaliated against the opposition, whose leaders were imprisoned or forced to flee the country.

Mr Protasevich had fled Belarus in 2019 and had only known Ms Sapega for about six months when they were apprehended.

He has yet to stand trial, and the status of the investigation into him is unknown.

The opposition activist was on Belarus’s “most wanted” list. However, the decision to declare a bomb threat on board his flight across Europe in May 2021 stunned the world.

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The International Ice Hockey Federation has decided not to organise the 2021 Ice Hockey World Championship in the capital of Belarus, Minsk.

Belarus is facing a serious political crisis. The country recently witnessed a violent protest. The ruling government has not yet succeeded in bringing the law and order situation under control.

The decision has been taken in the wake of the unpleasant development in Minsk, where the event was supposed to be organised.

The federation has not yet publicised the new venue.

Though the embattled Belarus government has repeatedly assured the federation its capability to provide a safe atmosphere for the game, the federation has not yet lent its ears to the assurance made by the country yet.

The federation is less likely to reconsider its decision to ditch its present home ground.

Many countries in the west have already come forward to win the chance to become the home ground of the prestigious sports event.

There are rumours that the decision to ditch the present home ground has been taken after certain advertisers threatened to back off from the event.

The federation has not yet responded to the allegation. It is believed that the federation is trying to stay away from unnecessary controversies.

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The Belarus opposition has threated the government with a national wide strike. They have demanded the resignation of Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko.

The European country of Belarus is witnessing a serious political crisis since the Presidential Election which declared Mr. Lukashenko as the winner.

Belarusian opposition leader Svetlana Tikhanovskaya refused to concede defeat. She alleged that the election was not conducted in a free and fair manner.

She demanded a re-election under the monitory of trustworthy international agencies.

Anyway, the Belarus President refused to admit the demands raised by the opposition, and even allowed the security force to expert extreme force to quell the protest.

The national wide strike is the latest attempt by the opposition to oust the leader who allegedly gained the control over the country through an illicit method.

As per a latest report, many workers and students have already responded to the call made by the opposition leader.

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In a shocking move, the tainted leadership of Belarus has given free hand to the police force to handle with the protest – emerged in the country since the disputed election.

The police have been awarded the right to use lethal force against the protesters who has extended their support to the anti-government movement in the country.

The tainted election is the triggering point of the issue in the country.

The election, which was denounced as unfair by the opposition, awarded a huge victory to President Alexander Lukashenko.

Several human rights organisations have exposed the unfair attitude of the country towards the protesters. They have published reports on how much improperly the situation has been handled by the country. As per a report submitted by a human rights organisation, the protesters have even been threatened with serious violence by the police.

Many western countries have warned that they would impose severe sanction against the country, demanding that the country should pave way for a free and fair election as soon as possible.

The strength of the present Belarus leadership is the support it gets from Russia. Russia has extended enormous support to the tainted leadership of Belarus.

It is yet to be seen how the things will evolve.

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Belarus has used severe force to quell protest originated against its President, Alexander Lukashenko, who was recently re-elected as the head of the country.  

As per a report, the Belarusian riot police have used water cannon and stun grenades against the protesters.

The protest was triggered by the disputed election – which declared Mr. Alexander as the winner of the presidential election.

Several human rights organisations have raised serious criticism against the way Belarus has handled the protest organised against the disputed election.

Amnesty International has demanded the intervention of the western forces to address the issues developed in Belarus.

In the latest rally also, several people have been booked. Since the emergence of the protest, numerous people have been detained by the Belarus police.

The police, in the latest protest, have blasted protesters with coloured water to mark them out for arrest.

Many believe that it is high time to interfere in the issue.

Belarus is a country in the Eastern Europe, which has enormous growth potential. It is not in a good relation with the European Union.

It has a good relation with Russia. Recently, Russia offered support to the country to quell the protest.

The west is closely watching the development in the Eastern Europe.

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French President Emmanuel Macron is likely to interfere in the Belarus issue.

Recently, he has promised to help mediate in Belarus.

The country has been witnessing protest since Alexander Lukashenko was re-elected as the President of the country.

The European Union has declared that it would not recognise Mr. Lukashenko as the legitimate leader of Belarus.

Meanwhile, the Belarus President has been lately offered support by the European country of Russia.

At present, Russia is the only supporter of Belarus.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has alleged that pression was being applied over Belarus.

He has even promised his country’s military support to Belarus.

Recently, French President has met the exiled opposition leader, Svetlana Tikhanovskaya.

During the meeting, he has called for a peaceful transition of power in Belarus.  

Many human rights organisations have called for the interference of the International community in the issue.

They have brought the attention of the world to the human rights violations committed by the Belarus in the aftermath of the tainted election.

Some have come up with undeniable evidences.

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The ongoing protest in Belarus has turned violent, as the country has organised a secret function to appoint tainted leader Alexander Lukashenko as the President of the country.

The country is in the state of unrest since the election which awarded a landslide victory to Mr. Lukashenko.

The opposition alleged that the election was not conducted in a free and fair manner. The opinion was backed by the European Union countries and the United States.

In the aftermath of the election, the Belarus dictator allegedly launched a serious crackdown in the country.

Violence was unleashed against protesters. Several International human rights organisations, including Amnesty International, appealed for the intervention of the International community.

Amnesty International claimed that those protesters who were arrested were subjected to severe mental and physical torture and some of them were event threatened with rape.

At present, Russia is the only country which supports Belarus. It even offered to send police forces to support the Belarus dictator.

Belarus is, with out any doubt, a satellite state of Russia.   

The possibility is high for this crisis to transform as a European crisis. It is pertinent not to allow such a transformation.

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One of the leading opposition leaders of the country, Maxim Znak, has begun hunger strike in jail.

The action has been taken after he was charged with the charge of seeking to harm national security.

Mr. Znak is a renowned lawyer based in the country. He is one among seven leaders of the Co-ordination Council.

The Belarus government is attacking the council through all possible means. At present, at least five of the seven members are either in jail or in exile.

Lately, the UN Human Rights Council, in a special meeting organised in Geneva, voted to launch closer UN monitoring of abuses in Belarus.

The west already questioned the credibility of the Belarus Presidential Election – which offered a chance for President Alexander Lukashenko to continue in the position of power.

The country has been witnessing protest since the declaration of the election result.

Several people have been arrested in connection with the protest. Several international human rights organisations like Amnesty International have exposed the inhuman methods used by the Belarus security force to contain the protest.

In a statement shared through his lawyer, Mr. Znak has said that he had no other way to fight against injustice and arbitrary actions, while in detention.

It is high time for the International community to interfere in the ongoing political crisis in Belarus.

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Alexander Lukashenko, the dictator of Belarus, has reached Russia, to meet his Russian counterpart and supporter, Vladimir Putin.

He has been accommodated in a resort near Black Sea.

It is clear that the visit has a link to the ongoing protest of pro-democratic activists in Belarus.

Russia earlier said that it was ready to send its force to Belarus to support the Belarus leader.

The only country which supports the Belarus dictator at present is Russia. The European Union does not recognise the leader and recently dismissed the election which was allegedly conducted in an unfair manner.

It is the first time since the emergence of the protest that the two leaders are meeting.

The development is keenly observed by the rest of the European world.

Some observers have already termed the meeting as highly crucial.

Already, the Belarus government’s attitude towards the protest has invited huge criticism. If the country continues this attitude, it will lead the European world to a great danger.

It is not wise to let the protest continue in this manner. It is unfortunate that the Belarus dictator shows no remorse for the unacceptable way his force has handled to the protest.

It is high time to find a solution to the Belarus issue.

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