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Syrian Kurds join hands with Syrian Govt to stop Turkey’s invasion

The Syrian Kurds, who recently suffered serious attacks from Turkey, has joined their hands with the Syrian government, which was not in a good relation with them during the years of war, to fight Istanbul, which lately launched a deadly offence against the Kurds in the northern region of the embattled country in the pretext of creating a Safe Zone for the Syrian refugees, who fled their country during the years of war.

Political observers see the development as positive. They say that it would give a huge impetus to the peace building process launched in the war-affected country of Syria.

The Syrian Kurds recently alleged that the US, which was hugely supported by them during its war against the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, betrayed them.

The US pulled back its forces from Syria just before Turkey launched an offensive along the Syrian northern border region.

The US and the west are definitely unhappy with Turkey’s action. The superpowers have threatened Turkey with economic sanction.

But, the superpowers have so far done nothing concrete to stop Turkey from going ahead with its war plans.

A Kurdish leader says that his community’s decision to join hands with the Syrian government is an inevitable move. He adds if he is asked to choose between a compromise and a genocide he would choose the latter for the good of his people.

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