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Student march jolts France

Students have gathered in large numbers in several public venues, especially outside educational institutions and government buildings, across France, to express their solidarity with a student, who tried to end his life by torching himself due to his financial difficult.

The protesting students say that the self-immolated student is the representative of the French student community. They add that what he tried to tell to the French society, especially its political elites, is the difficulty the student community faces.

The student protest has disrupted the functioning of several institutions, especially several educational institutions.

The self-immolated student has suffered serious burn injuries (almost 90 per cent). His condition still remains critical.

The incident happened in a university restaurant. Hours before the incident, through his social media platform, he had declared his financial difficulties and expressed his anger towards the political system and leaders, who, he thinks, is responsible for his difficulties – France President Emanuel Macron, at least two of his predecessors, far-rightist leader Le Pen, his country’s government and the European Union had found mention in his statement.

What the student protest shows is that the French youth is frustrated and is very angry. It is needless to say that the things become complicated if the issue is not addressed promptly.

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