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Poland angry with Netflix documentary about Nazi death camps

The Polish government has expressed its dissatisfaction against a documentary released by digital content giant Netflix.

What that the aforesaid documentary discusses is the sensitive story of Nazi death camps.

The Polish government has criticised the digital giant of misrepresenting certain facts about the Nazi occupation in Poland.

The government has opposed the portrayal of the issue in the manner that Poland was also responsible to what happened to those admitted in the Nazi death camps during the Second World War.

Poland has criticised the digital giant of not highlighting the fact that Poland was annexed by Germany prior to the erection of the death camps in Auschwitz.

The digital giant has not yet given an elaborate statement on the issue. Yet, it has acknowledged the awareness of the concerns raised by Poland. And, it has assured of taking serious actions to address the crisis.

This is not the first time a Netflix documentary has invited criticism; earlier, a Netflix documentary about OSHO attracted similar allegation of misrepresentation.

At this moment, it remains unclear whether the Polish government would take any serious action against the digital content giant in this matter.

Netflix has tens of thousands of customers in Poland. So, it cannot handle this issue as insensitively as it handled the OSHO issue.

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