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Russian Parliament clears bill offering immunity to Russian Presidents and their families

In a move which is regarded as highly crucial, the Russian Parliament has cleared a bill, which offers immunity to Russian Presidents and their families.

The move has been questioned by numerous political activists. Renowned political activist Alexei Navalny has asked why does the Russian President need an immunity at this juncture.

The law implies even if Russian President Vladimir Putin steps down from the top post he cannot be prosecuted by the Russian government in any circumstance.

The bill is a part of the constitutional amendments which was approved by the Russian population few months before.

Mr. Putin at present has absolute control over the Russian Parliament. The Parliament is dominated by the supporters of the Russian President.

The Russian President is supposed to step down from the post in the year 2024. A new amendment allows him to contest in at least two more elections.

As the possibility of the emergence of a new Presidential figure is less, the possibility of the re-election of the Russian President to the top post is very high.    

Mr. Putin is not less than 68-year-old. He has been in power since the year 2000.

The new bill however has generated fresh speculations about the political future of the Russian dictator.  

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