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G7: Russia denied entry

The European country of the United Kingdom and the North American country of Canada have strongly opposed the suggestion made by the United States of America that Russia should be allowed to reenter the group as a member.

United States President recently announced his plan to postpone the G7 summit until September this year. It was when he addressed a group of media personals to discuss his plan to postpone the summit he expressed his mind about the possible expansion of the G7.

He even called the group an outdated group of countries. He indirectly termed the possible expansion undeniable.

The development has created a rift between the US and those countries which stand with the European liberals.

Recently, Mr. Trump made a telephonic conversation with Russian President Vladimir Putin. During the conversation, they discussed the possible reentry of Russia to the G7 – which was formerly G8 (until the ouster of the country from the group following its aggressive attitude).

It remains unclear whether the US will impose pressure over the group to allow the reentry of Russia into the group.

If the rift between the liberal countries increases, it may affect the strength of the liberal political platform.

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