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Natural Disaster News

A severe wildfire has rip through Gran Canaria in the Canary Islands. More than 9000 people have been evacuated from the place.

The fire started on Friday and is taking control over two fronts in a mountainous area of the island. The incident was “an unprecedented environmental tragedy”, said the authorities to the media.

Authorities said that the attempts to control the fire is being very difficult due to the high temperatures, strong winds and low humidity.

For this, around 14 planes and helicopters, as well as about 700 firefighters on the ground including 200 from the military have been deployed to the area.

Angel Victor Torres, the Canary Islands regional president said, “The fire is not contained nor stabilised or controlled”. 

The residential areas and tourist spots have not been affected by the flood till now. But, Tamadaba natural park of the island and some of the island’s oldest pine forests have been affected. 

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Accidents Natural Disaster News

A volcano eruption had happened at Stromboli, the Italian island, killing one person. The victim was said to be a male hiker of age 35 from Sicily. A falling stone was hit with the victim, which leads to his death.

Several other people were injured at the incident. Report said that many people are missing in the volcano eruption.

Those who witnessed the incident said that a huge plume of smoke filled the skies above the island on Wednesday, sending molten rock spilling from the mountain.

Around 30 tourist tried to save themselves from the strains of lava blazes, by jumping into the sea.

This was one among the most active volcano and had been regularly in a state of eruption since 1932.

Calogero Foti, an emergency worker told the medias that, “Unfortunately one man is dead, there are a few injured, but none seriously”.

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Natural Disaster News Travel

A passenger has captured the moment a plane hit a severe pocket of turbulence, on Kosovo-Switzerland flight.

Media reports said that about ten people have been injured in the incident aboard the ALK Airlines flight from Pristina to Basel. A member of cabin crew had been thrown into the ceiling.

The video shows the frightened passengers crying and shouting and some others praying. This incident was just before 20 minutes, when the plane was to land.

Watch the Video !!

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Natural Disaster News

As Cyclone Veronica begins to make landfall in Australia’s Pilbara coast, a red alert has been issued along this area. Destructive winds and rain continues in the coastal regions of Australia by a second cyclone within 48 hours. Officials said that Cyclone Veronica lingered about 95km (60 miles) off the nation’s north-west coast on Monday.

The category two system is moving slowly and it is not expected to make landfall. The system has prompted warnings for locals to remain indoors. On Saturday, a category four cyclone named Trevor had hit the Northern Territory. Western Australia is expecting a threat of widespread flooding, as heavy rain and large waves continues.

Department of Fire and Emergency Services (DFES) spokesman Darragh Wills said the danger was not yet over. He said, “It is still a cyclone, and there is still the red alert in force”.

“It is forecast to track west, so the impact will move along the coast along with that, although it is moving very slowly. If it moved more quickly the rain would go along with it, but it’s in the one spot more or less and the rain just keeps falling, so you’ll get all that rain in a smaller area.”

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Natural Disaster News

US President Donald Trump visits communities in Eastern Alabama after deadly tornadoes that killed at least 23 people. Trump and his wife Melania Trump took a helicopter troll of the area before visiting the homes of some victims.

The Sunday’s tornadoes were the heaviest that hits the state since 2013. The President and his wife also visited a disaster relief center at the Providence Baptist Church in Opelika. They stopped at a memorial to honor the 23 people who were killed by the tornadoes.

Trump and Melania stood in front of 23 white crosses, decorated with flowers. The victims includes children also. Many people got injured by the tornadoes.

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Natural Disaster News

At least 23 including children are dead and many got injured, in apparent large tornado in Alabama that happened on Sunday. The authorities said that the toll could raise. The details regarding how many got injured are not yet been clear. Officials said that they are still on their effort to identify the persons who got killed and injured.

The search efforts are stopped by authorities overnight due to the extremely dangerous weather conditions. Reports says that an among the people killed, an 8-year-old girl in Beauregard is also included. Authorities have blocked off the area.

The Lee County coroner Bill Harris said” We’ve never had a mass fatality situation, that I can remember, like this in my lifetime”.

East Alabama Medical Center, a hospital at Alabama reports that more than 40 injured patients had been admitted in the hospital as a result of the tornado and they expected more.

The tornado killed the people in the Beauregard region in Lee County. This is an area area in the eastern part of the state near the Georgia line, Rita Smith with the Lee County Emergency Management Agency told The Associated Press.

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Natural Disaster News

Gale-force winds lashed Malta early on Sunday morning, uprooting trees, demolishing walls and damaging power lines, but no injuries were reported. There occurred several destruction across the country as a result of these high winds.

The wind had a high speed of 101km/h. Trees were uprooted, walls got toppled and seafronts flooded in the violent gusts. It caused damage to electricity networks and forced road closures across the whole island.

The Civil Protection Department officials were sent to around 300 sites for clearing roads, removing dangerous walls and evacuating people from flooded residences. People advised to stay indoors.

The Maltese Islands Weather site said on Sunday morning that the northeast wind was appeared to be the strongest in many years. The 101 km/h (Force 10, almost Force 11) gusts measured by the site’s weather station in Għarb were an all-time record. The storm had gradually died down as the night fell.

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