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Belgium: Princess Delphine meets her half brother for the first time

In a surprise move, Belgium Princess Delphine has met her half brother, King Philippe, personally for the first time in her life.

The princess was an illegitimate child of former King Albert.

It took years for the princess to make the king accept her as his child. It was made possible with the help of a lengthy legal battle.

The meeting, thus, has attained huge media attention. It has been an emotion filled function.

It has been like a reunion of two beautiful souls.

The royal family has given a warm welcome to the princess.

The princess now shares the same royal status as her half brother, who is the legitimate child of former King Albert.

The function has invited wide public attention. Many have taken to social media platforms to share their opinion regarding the meeting.

Most of them have shared positive views about the meeting.

The meeting has been aggressively covered by International media houses.

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