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EU imposes sanctions on Russian officials over Novichok issue

The European Union has imposed sanctions on as many as six Russian officials and a chemical research centre controlled by the country over the Novichok issue.

The action has been taken as the union has found evidence to believe that Alexei Navalny, the prime critic of Russia President Vladimir Putin, was poisoned at the behest of the Russian officials.

The involvement of the chemical research centre has also been detected by the European Union.

The action has been taken on the basis of the request made by the European countries of France and Germany.

Mr. Navalny was poisoned while travelling to Moscow in a flight.

He was initially admitted in a hospital based in Russia, which ruled out the possibility of poisoning.

Later, on the basis of the request made by the victim’s family members and friends, he was taken to Germany.

Anyway, Mr. Navalny has recovered from the condition.

The Russian government has not yet responded to the action taken by the European Union.

Russia is expected to retaliate with the same method.

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