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Belarus gives free hand to police to deal with protest

In a shocking move, the tainted leadership of Belarus has given free hand to the police force to handle with the protest – emerged in the country since the disputed election.

The police have been awarded the right to use lethal force against the protesters who has extended their support to the anti-government movement in the country.

The tainted election is the triggering point of the issue in the country.

The election, which was denounced as unfair by the opposition, awarded a huge victory to President Alexander Lukashenko.

Several human rights organisations have exposed the unfair attitude of the country towards the protesters. They have published reports on how much improperly the situation has been handled by the country. As per a report submitted by a human rights organisation, the protesters have even been threatened with serious violence by the police.

Many western countries have warned that they would impose severe sanction against the country, demanding that the country should pave way for a free and fair election as soon as possible.

The strength of the present Belarus leadership is the support it gets from Russia. Russia has extended enormous support to the tainted leadership of Belarus.

It is yet to be seen how the things will evolve.

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