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Anti-Russian camp stiffens its stand against Belarus

Countries stand in the opposition camp of the one which is led by Russia in the western world has stiffened its stand against Belarus – which has been witnessing a powerful anti-government protest for last few days.

Belarus is a country remain in the camp led by Russia. Notably, it relies heavily of its energy requirement.

Recently, Sweden advised the European Union dominated by Germany and France, to impose a sanction against Belarus.

Subsequently, several western powers close to the EU-led camp have expressed similar views.

A section of people in Belarus is unhappy over the way in which Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko was re-elected as the head of the country.

Mr. Lukashenko has been ruling the country since the year 1994. The section alleges that the election was carried out in an unfair manner.

Recently, when the president has visited a factory, the workers of that factory has shouted slogans against him.

In the recent days, the ongoing protest has gained a violent nature, as the violent methods used by the police to suppress the protest has doubled the anti-government sentiment.

Though the president has asserted repeatedly that he would not allow another election, he may not be able to rule peacefully keeping his eyes shut towards the protest for long.

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