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A German doctor has been jailed in connection with a controversial blood doping case. He has bee found to have helped many athletes to cheat in their games. The majority of his clients were skiers. A German court has awarded a serious punishment of five-year imprisonment to the German doctor, whose involvement in the case […]
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Moise Kean, the Juventus striker suffers racist abuse from the home supporters during his team’s Serie A match at Cagliari, on Tuesday night. “The best way to respond to racism- #notoracism” wrote Moise Kean in his official Instagram. Defender Leonardo Bonucci and Boss Massimiliano Allegri said that Kean should take some of the blame for […]
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The Manchester United and Barcelona will be facing a semi final spot in the pick of the Champions League quarter-final matches. Check out the scheduling : UEFA Champions League quarter-finals 9 & 17 April Liverpool (ENG) v Porto (POR) Tottenham Hotspur (ENG) v Manchester City (ENG) 10 & 16 April Ajax (NED) v Juventus (ITA) […]