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Spain’s LGBT matador: ‘More will come out because of me’

Mario Alcalde, Spain’s first openly LGBT matador, believes that more bullfighters will follow his example after he revealed he is pansexual. He sees his coming out as a spontaneous decision, driven by his artistic nature.

While bullfighting is deeply entrenched in Spanish culture, it remains a controversial blood sport, banned in many places. Despite criticism, Alcalde embraces his identity and aims to establish a meeting place for bullfighting supporters within Madrid’s LGBT+ community.

While some welcome this intersection, others view bullfighting as incompatible with progressive values. Audience numbers for bullfights have been declining, but Alcalde remains resolute in defending the tradition, despite its inherent violence towards animals.

He sees bullfighting as a part of life and aims to modernize and diversify it, while opponents hope it becomes a relic of Spain’s past.

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