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Conservative ex-PM Alexander Stubb elected Finland president

In Finland’s recent presidential election, Alexander Stubb, the conservative former Prime Minister, emerged victorious with 51.6% of the vote, defeating his Green Party opponent Pekka Haavisto, the former foreign minister, who garnered 48.4%. Stubb’s win marks a significant moment for Finland as it is the first election since the country joined the NATO military alliance.

Known for his assertive stance towards Russia, particularly following the Ukrainian conflict, Stubb has emphasized the importance of Finland’s NATO membership since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in 2022. He reiterated the challenges of engaging in political dialogue with Putin’s administration amid ongoing aggression against Ukraine.

Haavisto gracefully conceded defeat, acknowledging Stubb’s win and expressing his intention to focus on his role as a lawmaker rather than pursuing future electoral endeavors. Despite his loss, Haavisto’s commitment to serving in Finland’s legislative body remains unwavering.

Stubb is set to assume office on March 1st, succeeding Sauli Niinisto. As president, he will hold direct responsibility for foreign and security policy and serve as the commander-in-chief of Finland’s armed forces, shaping the nation’s stance on critical international matters.

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