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Snowstorm batters Russia

The far-eastern region of the European country of Russia has been battered by the natural disaster of snowstorm.

The disaster has badly affected power supply and transportation. The region has experienced severe power cuts due to the issue.

All the main transport infrastructures have been badly affected due to the development.  

Russia has declared a state of emergency in the region which has been left devastated by the natural disaster.

A huge team of rescue officials have been sent to the region to help those who have been affected by the disaster.

In order to give effective support to the rescue team, a team of army personals have been deployed in the region.

This is the first time that the region has experienced this kind of disaster in the recent history.

This kind of disaster is actually the aftereffect of climate change.

It is high time to address the issue of climate change. If the world fails to address the issue in a timely manner, the world will witness this kind of disaster in future also.

The country should conduct a detailed study into the matter. It should analyse which all regions in the country are vulnerable.

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