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German police arrest man for cannibalism

The German police have arrested a person in connection with a cannibalism case. The investigation was commenced after bones were found in a park in the northern region of Berlin.

The victim was identified as a man aged 44. He was one of the persons who were in the list of missing persons.

This complicated case has been cracked with the help of sniffer dogs. The dogs who were brought to the venue has led the investigators to the apartment where the suspect was staying.

The suspect is a man aged 41. As per a preliminary report, he is an active participant of several chat rooms which discusses the evil topic of cannibalism.

The police have found enough evidence to substantiate the suspicion that the suspect killed the victim to fulfil his desire for cannibalism.  

It is the first cannibalism case that has been reported in the recent history of the European country of Germany.

The case has been likened to a case reported several decades back.

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