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Russia plans to interfere into Belarus politics

Sending a clear message to the westers powers that it is high time to make a serious note of the ongoing politics crisis in Belarus, in a interview given to a state run television channel, Russian President Vladimir Putin has revealed that his country has set up a special police force on the request of Belarus President.

He has said that the force would be sent to Belarus if the things went out of control in the European country.

Belarus has been witnessed a series of violent demonstrations since President Alexander Lukashenko was released to the post.

Protesters allege that the election – through which the President achieved the opportunity to continue in the post – was not conducted in a free and fair manner.

Recently, several human rights groups criticized the Belarus government for the way in which it handled the protest.

Many protesters alleged that they were treated improperly when they were taken into custody.

Even the country’s attitude towards journos was also improper. At least 13 journalists – including a BBC team – were detained in the centre of the capital, Minsk, ahead of a planned opposition protest.

Though the interior ministry said they had been taken to a police station for identity checks, one of those journos who was arrested said it was a clear attempt to interfere with coverage of events.

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