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Russia blames archaic electoral system for disturbance in US Capitol

The European superpower of Russia has blamed the archaic electoral system for the disturbance that occurred in the US capitol last day.

Trump supporters stormed the capitol to express their disagreement over the US law-making body’s decision to approve the electoral victory of Joe Biden in the US Presidential Election.

Mr. Biden defeated Donald Trump, the incumbent President, with an astounding majority. Shortly after the declaration of the election result, Mr. Trump levelled election malpractice allegations.

Anyway, Mr. Trump has finally agreed to step down from the post of the President of the United States of America.

Several European countries including the European economic power of Germany have expressed their disagreement towards the way the supporters of Donald Trump reacted to the approval given by the US law making body to the election of Mr. Biden as the President of the country.

Many European powers feel that the protest casted shadow over the democratic values the United States of America upholds.

Mr. Biden is set to take charge as the President of the United States of America this month itself.

Mr. Biden is a powerful leader of the Democratic Party. He is a liberal leader, like former US President Barack Obama.

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