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Regeni Murder: Egyptians’ Trial for the Death of an Italian Student Postponed

A court has temporarily halted the trial of four Egyptians accused of murdering an Italian student, citing worries that they are unaware of their charges.

In February 2016, Giulio Regeni’s dismembered body was discovered in a ditch in Cairo. Four Egyptian security forces members were set to stand trial in Rome in his absence, accused of kidnapping, torture, and murdering him. However, the trial has been halted by a court, much to the disappointment of his family.

After hours of debate, Judge Antonella Capri decided in favour of the men’s defence lawyers, who argued that the proceedings would be null and void if there was no proof that the four were aware of the charges against them. The case will now be remanded to a preliminary court. After then, it will be decided whether or not to look for the accused.

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